Monday, August 28, 2017

A Ride out to the Reservation. Mesa Week #55


Things are going pretty good here! Right now we are driving up to San Carlos, the Indian reservation, with Bro Kuboshige. He wanted to go up there with us and meet some other missionaries and have lunch! I'm pretty excited, I've been to Globe but not to the reservation. I hear it's a different world out there. It's about a 2 hour drive east from here. Plus Elder Karren served there and so he wanted to go back and
visit some people, it was his dying wish😂 I'll take some pictures and hopefully send them to you.

 I talked to Brother Miller this week and he said he really loved talking to you and Dad! He said that I have amazing parents, which I most definitely do! It makes me really happy when our two worlds connect!

I'm going to be honest this week was really grueling. We did a TON of finding and had only a few lessons with some members in our wards. Plus it was super hot, people keep saying that summer just decided to come late this year. I'm ready for it to be over. But like I said before,  I have learned so much about patience and diligence. There were times this week when me and Elder Karren were just beat. But we kept
working because we know there are people out there waiting for us to reach out to them. I'm glad to say yesterday was the miracle we've been working for! We had dinner with the Bunker family and they are AWESOME! They have two kids on missions, definitely a missionary mom haha. Anyways they invited a non-member friend over. His name is TJ. He is 20 years old. I connected with him right off the bat. He was
wearing a bunch of Air Jordan stuff and he loves basketball. We are going to play ball next week. We taught him the first lesson and he committed to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it! We are meeting up with him tomorrow to see how it's going. It is a miracle in and of itself. I know that when we work hard and do our best, the Lord will bring miracles into our lives. And that goes with anything in our lives. No matter what you are struggling with, no matter how hard it
is, if you push through with all faith, diligence, and patience,
miracles will happen. That is something I've experienced and I know it's true. That is an eternal truth that will never change.

I am so grateful that I am serving a mission! I learn so much every day and I am continuing to find out who I am. I love this gospel and I know it's true. It's not always easy but it's all worth it. I hope you have a great week Momma! I love you sooo much! Your such an inspiration to me. Have a great week!

Love Elder Findlay

Out on the reservation

They call this "Mormon Hill" on the reservation

Sometimes I feel like I'm doing everyone's laundry!

Here is a video of our ride around the reservation: