Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mesa Week #53

(Hey sorry for the delay in getting this issues...ugh!)
Hey Momma!

Was it raspberry days this weekend?? I forgot about raspberry days.
One thing that I've noticed recently is that I've forgotten a lot of things... it's weird😂 Little things really. Like last week I was at a members house and I noticed their ukulele was the same exact one as mine! I was like man I had totally forgotten I had a ukulele. It's a interesting feeling. 

I had a really good week too! It flew by. I can't believe how fast it went by. We were really busy which was a huge blessing. We were able to do a lot with Al this week. He called us Monday night talking about how he just basically had a perspective change on his journey towards baptism. He said he hasn't been baptized yet because he felt like he needed to be perfect. He came to the realization that he can't be and that baptism is the gate and next step for him. We decided that we needed to help him have a more solid foundation on the restoration, mainly the BOM and Joseph Smith. So we had a lesson on that and now he sees the importance of having that testimony about those things as well as how to receive it. His new date for baptism is September 2nd!
Right before Elder Karren goes home! We are super excited for Al!

That's crazy to hear about Uncle Jim going to the temple!! That makes me super super happy for him. What a guy! I'm sure it will be a really special experience in the temple for everyone there. And you are absolutely right about temples being available to all who are willing to work hard to get there. It is such a beautiful and sacred place. This week was a really special week as far as temples go in Arizona. Yesterday morning we were able to be apart of the Tucson Arizona temple dedication. It was super cool. I remember when Ogden had its re-dedication and we all did the cultural celebration! I loved it. President Uchtdorf presided over this one and it was great. If you haven't seen what the temple looks like already, then you should look it up! It's a cool temple I have to say😁

We also had zone conference this week which was great as usual. We watched a talk that President Bednar gave at the MTC a few weeks ago talking about "The Word" meaning Jesus Christ. When we place the word in our hearts and nourish it, then it can sprout into a tree. Into a strong tree, a good tree, a tree of life. President Bednar is a genius and explained it way better than me but he basically dissected a bunch of scriptures. As I was listening to him speak I kept thinking to myself, how could you possibly listen to this man teach and not say he is called of God?! I am so grateful that we have the leaders that we do, because they ARE called of God and I know it.

We finally got to help Matt again with his bus. We painted it some more and cleaned up some things around it. Compared to when I first got there it is sooo much better. He said that he's going to try to get out of there today or tomorrow. He's been there for almost four months, in the blazing desert with no AC. He's crazy but he's still alive! I'm actually going to miss him a lot, I really hope that he remembers what we've taught him and eventually meet with the missionaries again. He says he will and I believe him, he'd make an awesome Mormon😂

This morning we played some football finally. Elder Cox and Higham were there so we had a good time. We dominated haha, but I realized how out of shape I am😂. As far as the rest of the day goes, we are going to relax and take it easy. That's all for this week! Oh and we're you able to get in contact with Brother Miller, or I guess did he contact you? I haven't seen or heard from him yet. Anyways thanks
for everything Momma. I love you so much. I really appreciate everything you and Dad do for allowing me to be out here. Have a great

Love, Elder Findlay

We found this bird chillin at the church with us. 
I think it's a golden eagle.......I could be wrong though. 

The green machine

Saturday nights ;)