Monday, July 17, 2017

Good Times! Mesa Week #49

What a great week here in the city of Mesa! It was really nice as far as the weather goes. It was partly cloudy, a trickle of rain, and lots of thunderstorms! It had seriously been like 4 weeks since I had seen a single cloud in the sky😂 I don't know what it was about this week but I was just beyond tired every single day. The heat and the sun really take it out of you. I haven't been that tired since my first transfer. But it's a good feeling to come home exhausted knowing that you had a hard earned day! So many good things are happening within the wards that we cover that are going to bring forth much fruit! The Lord has really blessed us with opportunities to help members share the gospel with their friends!

I was able to go on exchanges with Elder Child this week! It was fun to be back together again, like the good ole times. We pretty much just picked up right where we left off. We both talked a lot about how much we had changed since we had been together. Even though it was only one transfer we both changed a ton! It was good to see the progress! We visited some awesome families and had good success with helping them share the gospel to their friends.

I was able to have an interview with President Townsend on Wednesday morning and it was great! I love P-Towny, he's such a caring person. We talked a lot about my area. Since everything is gated it is difficult for us to find people to teach. We aren't allowed to knock doors or proselytize. I told him that the area has so much potential, we just need to be creative with the Lords help. I also said that I love the area a lot, which I really do, and that I know that there are some things I still need to do before I leave. I think he was kind of surprised, he said it would be difficult but if that's what I wanted he would leave me there for a while. So I'm expecting to stay here for the next few months at least! I'm really excited about that. Although there isn't much work going on, the members are amazing! Seriously these people have such a strong love for each other and the gospel. And I've grown to love them so much! There are a handful of families here that feel like family away from family. I'm such a blessed missionary!😝

Here is the latest with our investigator A. He is doing well! He did struggle a little bit reading and praying everyday this week so in our last lesson with him we read the Book of Mormon with him. It really helped him a lot when we were there helping him understand things he had questions on. But with time and faith he'll be able to understand it better, I know it!😁 Still on track for baptism in August!

We did help Matt paint the rest of his bus this week! It was actually really fun this time! It doesn't look as ghetto anymore. But we are still painting it that lime green color so it will stand out a lot. His dog Gonja kept getting bit by rattlesnakes so she just chilled under the bus the whole time, normally she plays with us. Its always a new adventure when we go to his place👍

So I know Jack went to EFY this week, Brother Holt (a member in Mesa) emailed me a picture with Jack and Brother Holts nephew in it! I was like Hey man that's my brotha! Small world, Jack looked like he was having a good time👍! And man he is so prepared for a mission! I can't wait to see where he goes someday. He has such a strong testimony, and he's really good at living what he believes. I look up to him a lot for that. 

You get to go tour the new MTC! No way!! I'm jealous of those new missionaries that get to stay there!  After being on a mission for about a year you just want to go to the MTC all over again. I loved it so much there! It was a super cool experience that I will always remember. I still feel like I was dropped off yesterday😂

Well Momma I have to say goodbye for another week😭 I love you sooo much! Your such a huge blessing in my life! I always pray for our family and I know that the Lord is taking care of you! Have a great week! I LOVE YOU!❤️
Love, Elder Findlay

The sunsets here!

Living it up in the Mesa mission

Saturday, July 15, 2017

11 months in Mesa! Week #48

Hello again from Mesa!😎
Well, today is officially my 11 month mark... you're right! Super crazy to think I've been out for almost a year now. It feels like it but then again it doesn't feel like it. I'm super excited to see what the next year holds in store. I'm really looking forward to another year of learning and experiencing conversion in the gospel. Missions are sooo cool!😝

Speaking of learning I learned a lot this week. Small things but they made a big difference. One thing that I learned is that preparation in all things is key to missionary work and life! In my personal studies I was trying to figure out what I wanted to teach Al at our lesson that night. Al is getting baptized on August 12th, he's awesome! Anyways I was pretty stuck and was about to just move on to studying for myself. But I decided to spend a little more time on it. I actually ended up using pretty much most of my study for Al and it was so awesome! I felt so good about what I learned and what I could share with Al. Later that night we had our lesson with him, but unfortunately we couldn't meet in person. But thank goodness for technology! We instead had a skype lesson with him and it was great! I felt super prepared and the spirit was there helping us teach. It went really well, we basically talked about the importance of prayer and revelation. It was really helpful for him to understand and it will help him prepare himself for baptism!😁

"Neither take ye thought beforehand what ye shall say; but treasure up in your minds continually the words of life, and it shall be given you in the very hour that portion that shall be meted unto every man." --D&C 84:85  ⬅️This is the scripture that kept me studying and preparing for Al. God always fulfills his promises😁

You're right about it being hot here. It has been really tough! After we get out of AC for five minutes we are already sweating a lot. We try to stay in AC as much as we can, but we are out and about most of the day. The last few days we have had some cloud cover, not like its making a difference but it's been nice. Plus the sunsets have been soooo beautiful here! 

I have definitely seen the Lords hand in my life this past week! Like I said I'm learning more and more every week I'm here! I love it! Thanks for everything Momma! I love you so so much! Thanks for all of the love and support from everyone back home! The gospel is true! It changes lives and I know it! Have a great week!  

Love, Elder Findlay
One of those beautiful Arizona sunsets

Our bishop shot this in Africa...Crazy!

Al has some hedgehogs:)
They are weird little things!

New shoes that hopefully wont burn my feet
off on the hot Arizona ground!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Happy 4th of July! Mesa Week #47


Man I had such a great Birthday! Thanks for the package Mom! I loved the clothes and sunglasses! And you can't go wrong with a spray bottle down here. Also Uber Eats=👍 The guy came to the door and with his Japanese accent asked "excuse me sir, are you Elder?" Haha I said yeah that's me😂 "Your mother says happy birthday!"  And then he ran off haha!! It was awesome. That day we helped Matt paint a new coat of green on his bus. It was so hot while we were doing that. Matt got on top of the bus and just dumped buckets of water on us😂 It was a nice cool off. He also had me weld some bumpers together ha, hopefully they stay together. I have only welded one other time! That night we met with Troy, he is a priest. We've been teaching his girlfriend. Anyways he's been meeting with us because he wants to get out on a mission soon and wants to get more familiar with the work. So we have been teaching him about the preach my gospel and he has been coming with us to dinners with members. Its been pretty awesome. He and Emily got me a massive cupcake for my b-day haha! They are the best!

Saturday was a miracle! We were at the end of our night and we had a lesson with Al. He has been meeting with missionaries for a really long time. We taught him about the importance of baptism. We need to exercise our faith by following Christ's example and be baptized. We shared a scripture from D&C about it and it really struck him hard. After coming to church the next morning Al is now on date to be baptized on August 12th!😁 we are super excited for him! Right after that Jack Knight called us. Last week he returned home from the Federal Way mission in Washington. And yes he knows Grandpa! Anyways he called us up and said "Hey Elders you want to have a lesson with a non-member at my house tonight at 8?" And I was like bro you still on a mish😂 Ha, I know that the Lord is blessing us because of our diligence and hard work. The girl we taught was Jules. She is going to be a senior this year and she is super fun! We taught her the first lesson about the restoration of the gospel. She was pretty nervous about it but she seemed to understand a lot. She even said that she would get baptized if she finds out that the Book of Mormon is true!! We invited her to pray but she wasn't comfortable doing that yet so she said she would practice. We'll see what happens this week!

The 4th was pretty fun! Me and Elder Draper were on exchanges in my area. We had district meeting that morning which was really good. Our mission is super inspired! Haha I'm sure the other missions are too, anyways we talked a lot about having the faith to find, teach, and baptize in this area. It has a reputation for being  more difficult. But that doesn't stop us from working hard! The people are there, we just need to find them😁 We knocked a lot of doors of less actives and former members. We only got in one house the whole day. So we did a lot of online proselyting. It love it sooo much! Its the best! I'm still figuring out how to do it but it's coming along! There is so much you can do with technology, especially in missionary work! Its such a blessing to have. I absolutely love this video, this is what we are doing with online proselyting in our mission. Things are changing!😁👍

Later that night we really didn't know what to do so we went up to the top of Las Sendas mountain and looked over the whole valley to see the fireworks. It was a sight to see. The real reason we went there was because a ton of people go up there every fourth. So we basically street contacted a bunch of people while watching fireworks. No new investigators but, seeds planted👍 I was glad to be back with Elder Karren when I got home. We have such a blast!  He's soooo good at being a missionary. Sometimes I still feel like a greenie!😝

All in all things are going pretty well here, I love the people, the area, and the difficulty of a mission! Thanks for everyone's support and prayers! I love all you do for me! I love you momma! Have a nice cool week in Utah😎
My birthday breakfast

 I am spoiled... thanks mom

my Zone... yep.

Our View

Happy 4th of July!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

First Mesa Birthday- Week #46

I know I'm going to miss saying I'm 18 haha because there aren't many 18 year olds who have been out as long as me! But I guess I have to grow up, not my favorite thing to do but that's okay😅 Things are going pretty well down here. Alot of people are going out of town for the next few months to get away from the heat here in sizzling Mesa. In ward council they said that for the month of July there is only 30% church attendance. So that's going to be weird!

But this week we were able to introduce Elder Karren to a lot of the ward members before they leave. He'll probably finish up his mission in this area. Transfers were crazy crazy crazy. Not to mention it was 121 degrees that day. Those poor greenie missionaries that arrived that day! haha, I'm sure they were questioning what they've done😂 We all met at the mission office and did the switch there. Man I was so bummed to leave Elder Nuttall. I wish we could have been companions for a longer time. But he emailed me and said he's doing well. He's gone out a bunch with the missionaries at home already so I can tell he's still in missionary mode. We got all of our stuff to our apartment and I cleaned it for like 5 or 6 hours this week. When I first got here I was so surprised how bad it was. So I cleaned like everything. I made our room actually look like a room. The walls and floors were all stained and dirty so it looks better now thank goodness. I'm a little OCD😂 I like having roommates though, especially when one of them was your comp😂 we talk about our area a lot which is cool. A few of the people we were teaching together are now getting baptized soon! That makes me really happy. Especially Mike B., apparently he got a new job and has started to give up some of his habits so he can be baptized!👍

My new companion Elder Karren and I are getting along great. He's cool and really knows how to work. He's more reserved and quiet than Elder Nuttall that's for sure but we have a good time! Especially since he's from Logan we talk about Bear Lake and stuff like that. He played quarterback for Sky View high school so we talk about football a lot too. 

Mom note: I got a great text from a member of one of his wards and a video this week...
And yeah Sister S. is the best! I love their family. They had seriously like 15 javelina in the front of their yard😂 so I had to use the car alarm to scare them away! They are some ugly creatures. We actually get to have dinner with them again tomorrow!  They signed up twice...yes!

We visited some Sisters in a retirement home this week and had good conversations with them. It totally reminded me when we went to see Grandpa Nielsen right before I left. I will always remember that and how he talked about his mission in his story mode😂 I love Grandpa, I pray for him too. 

 I'm super proud of Landon and Mason, seriously they are going to be such good leaders in the mission, and in life of course. Those two radiate the spirit like non other. I don't think I've seen anyone live their beliefs as good as they do. Makes me so happy. I love them both!

And your right about the heat. Super super hot. Luckily I have a car but it's black so it's still hot haha. But yeah no heat here stops us from going door to door. Doorsteps are so hot, I told Dad that I can just feel the sweat drip down my back when I'm standing there. I never sweat a lot before my mission....ever. But here I do so that's a change for me😅 those poor missionaries on bike though. Man that's so tough. Elder Bland is training one of the new missionaries that came out! Elder Bland is the first one from our transfer to train so I was so hyped! Anyways he's training, has four wards, and 2 of them he has never been in, and he's on a bike! That's hard stuff right there. We talk a lot though and he said it's good!

Thanks for the birthday wishes and package! I'm turning 19 in Mesa!  Have a great week everyone! I love you!

Elder Findlay

Check out those ugly javelinas

My new room, after I cleaned for eternities...

new digs..

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hot Mesa- Week #45

Transfers are tomorrow so my new companions name is Elder Karren! He is from Logan and he was actually my first district leader when I started my mission and he's awesome. He was kinda strict back then but I heard he's mellowed out a little bit and is having a good time! I'm excited to be his companion, he's been out for like a year and a half. AND he likes golf A LOT and so yeah we'll be doing a lot of that on p-days.😊

I am moving a few miles south into an apartment. And guess what? Elder Child is my roommate/district leader again.  Not sure how I feel about that but it's okay.  I'm super excited for this transfer. Now that I'm pretty familiar with the members and how things go in the area it will be nice. 

Today was nuts, so sorry for the short email. We went all the way out to Globe with Brother Holt and Bother Pile for lunch. It's like an hour and a half away from us, way out east by the Apache reservation. The reason we wanted to go out there is because Elder Nuttall has never been out there before and we both wanted to check it out. And it is sooo different, really really kinda ghetto out there. Its like a different world. Now I understand where the Elders are coming from who serve out there. Its rough, but really cool. 

We both packed this morning and it was crazy! Super crazy and stressful. So sorry about the scattered email. After Globe we got all of Elder Nuttalls stuff to the mission office where all of the missionaries who are leaving were gathered.  Everyone was talking about home and so it was making all of the missionaries not going home super trunky. But it will wear off once we get back to work, it always does. I'm going to miss my man Elder Nuttall, he's changed my mission and he's going to be an awesome missionary at home.

Other than that I don't have much time left but, I do want to say I love and appreciate all of the support from everyone! I love you all. Have a great week!

Love Elder Findlay
Mi Casa in the desert

Desert "wasteland" lounge chair

Yeah it's gettin toasty!

Me and my pal Elder Nuttall

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summah Time- Mesa week #44

Hi Everyone!😂 
So today I was able to give a talk in the Las Sendas Ward about Heavenly Father and his daily guiding hand. I really focused a lot on the doctrine of Christ, more specifically having the faith that God will guide us. I think I did a pretty good job. It was supposed to be fifteen minutes but I think it only ended up being like 10 haha, sometimes I just don't have anything else to say😂 Elder Nuttall was super happy because he got an extra five minutes. He loves public speaking for some reason😂 I can't believe we are already down to our last week together. The last six weeks have been the best weeks of my mission! I'm excited to see what happens next!

Its pretty hot still but you just kind of got used to it so it's actually not too bad. And you're right I love having a car! It is the best! It is black though, so it's super hot every time we get in. We've been doing a lot of driving off road in our car and so we are trying to convince Elder Rasmussen, our vehicle coordinator, to get us one of the off road vehicles😁 He's said he'll try but who knows, our poor Cruze though😂 as far as transfers go for next week, I am going to stay here for sure, just going to be getting a new companion. It will be good for both of of us, I can get around the area now a lot easier but I am still trying to meet everyone. There are a lot of people in our wards. Except recently. Everyone has been going away for the summer and so Las Sendas Ward is getting really small. Lots of snowbirds here. 

We have gone out to visit Matt again! (green bus guy in the desert) We've been out there a bunch actually just helping him out. He and his grandma are super sweet people, we brought them a bunch of cold water and stuff and they were super grateful. Matt says that he needs to get out of there because this heat isn't good for his grandma and so he is trying to get the bus up and running so they can go up north for the summer. So we've been recruiting people from the ward to help out and its great! I got a better picture of his bus, it's actually pretty clean and neat on the inside.  I wouldn't be afraid to live in it😂 They have a guard dog named Ganja who's super scary looking when you pull up because she barks and growls a ton. But once you pet her she is like the best dog ever haha, she's always lays upside down trying to get cool😂

All of the young men and young women here have been going and coming from girls camp, scout camp, high adventure, super activity, and all sorts of things! I always joke about how we should just go with the priests on their high adventure, because we're the same age so why not right?😎 The youth here are soooo awesome, they are good kids. They know how to have fun but keep their standards at the same time. That's the kind of youth the world needs right now. I also think our youth in our ward back home are the same way! 

This week we really just visited a lot of member families and oh we met a guy who was a Book of Mormon referral! He requested a free copy of the Book of Mormon on and so we met him at Golden Spoon ice cream and talked about it. He lives in Las Sendas Ward. We actually stopped by his house once before we met him but he didn't answer. But his house is massive. And he's like 25 years old. He looks like our age though it's crazy! His name was Nathan and he was a super chill dude, that's what he called himself😂 He said that the reason he wanted to read the Book of Mormon is because he saw the Broadway play of it and so he wanted to see if the Book of Mormon told the story similarly. Not the most typical way to find interest in the Book of Mormon but hey, we'll take it! He said that he will read it and see how he likes it. I am praying that the spirit will touch his heart and let him know that there is so much more to the gospel of Jesus Christ than just some lame broadway play. It's a way to find answers to his questions. 

All in all I couldn't have asked for a better week to serve! Lots of good things are coming about in this area and I know that it's because of the hand of the Lord. Always remember that he is always walking beside us. Thanks for your email Momma! I love you more than ya know! Have a great week and keep being the awesome mom I know! 

Love Elder Findlay

a better view of Matt's place

Just can't get enough of those Arizona sunsets

This is a video Elder Nuttall took of our ride out to Matt's place

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Preachin in the Sun- Mesa Week 43


Thanks for the great email! It looks like you guys had a good first week of summer! I'm super excited for Landon and Mason, they are going to be great missionaries! I'm glad you got to be there when they took out their endowments. I bet they really enjoyed the temple. And you got to have Stake conference! That's awesome! I love Stake conference, it is always so uplifting.  

Its crazy that it's summer time again! Down here it just always feels like summer because the sun is there warming you up 24/7/365 days a year. I don't know how people live here in this heat. I go outside every morning at 10 o'clock and its already like 100 degrees. I walk into the sun and it's like getting slapped in the face! Sometimes I feel like I'm turning into a vampire😂 but hey, I'll have a good tan when I get home😎

We were able to have interviews with president this last week and it was great! We talked about my area and how it's kind of a tough one but we can find success there if we trust in the Lord. He told me that he is actually thinking of putting 1 or 2 sets of missionaries in the Stake rather than the 3 sets that we have now. It would allow us to be more busy and productive at the same time. So we'll see what happens this next transfer, it's going to be crazy!👍

So yesterday was like the best day since I've been here! Also the most bizarre😂 Anyways we woke up and played pickle ball with Bishop H. and Bro K. Its actually a lot of fun ha, we played with a bunch of older dudes in the ward and they are all pros at it. I got whooped on my first few games😂 but hey you win some and then you loose some right? But by the end I was doing good. Then later we had just a bunch of people to go visit including a referral from our ward mission leader. And its not just an ordinary referral. He said that he was driving on the freeway and off in the desert boonies he saw a flag sticking up and so he decided to go off-roading and check it out! Turns out that there is a green bus and a bunch of other stuff there just sitting in the desert. He said it looked like someone lived there and he was right! There is this guy named Matt who lives there. So Brother Jensen just talked with him about the gospel and gave him a Book of
Mormon! Haha seriously it is so awesome, he just saw a flag in the desert and ended up giving a Book of Mormon to that guy!

Anyways he gave us the referral and so we figured we might as well go find this guy. We drove on to this dirt road and started our journey!We literally drove for like 15 minutes on the dirt road until we saw his abode😂 I felt like we were in a movie driving up to it. It was really cool but also kind of sketchy because we were seriously in the desert boonies! We parked a little ways away from his bus because we just
didn't want to scare them or something like that. We walked up to it and first thing this huge dog came out and started growling and barking at us. Once he calmed down I yelled hello and someone said that they would be right out. It was like 10 minutes just waiting for them to come out and finally some dude came out. Of course he knew we were the Mormons but he was actually super friendly and gave us apple juice and shade😂 His name is Matt and he is 30ish years old. He was really open and friendly to us. He said he really appreciated us stopping by. He said that he has lived there for 4 months and no one has stopped by except us, Brother Jensen, and Mesa PD😅 We started talking and were able to teach him the restoration and he really liked
it. We told him that we all have an open choice whether or not to believe in the Book of Mormon, but we believe it is the word of God. He actually read the introduction before we
stumbled upon him and now he is going to pray about it.  He needed something to remind him about it and so he wrote our names on the side of his bus with sharpie haha! So yep it was great! Plus that means that we found a new investigator!

One thing that I learned from that experience was that you shouldn't judge people by what they have. You can just tell that Matt cares for everyone. He has the light of Christ in him. His Grandma actually lives with him because her children won't take care of her and Matt is working hard to keep her comfortable. Just a super good person. Its hard to find people like that now a days.

Other than that we visited a lot of less-active members and part member families which was good for me. I got to meet a bunch of people that the wards have been working with. We also did a TON of service. We helped 4 people move and that wiped us out! Oh and I had a little food poisoning as well one night so that was fun! We were pretty exhausted this week😁 This next week is going to be great and I'm excited to see what comes next!

I love you Momma!❤️ I say it every week because I do! Have a great summer week!

Love Elder Findlay
Check out that huge cactus!

We have an awesome view!

Cool flower thing I saw

Matt's house