Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Happy Fathers Day Week #97

 Hey Mom! 

We didn't have anything too big happen this week as far as finding more people to teach. But we've been meeting with the members to try to get to know them better. We are also practice teaching them some of the missionary lessons in hopes that we can find someone new to teach! It's been really good, we are getting super tight with everyone in our YSA wards and they will do anything for us😂

Amanda got her temple recommend! That was a huge miracle, we are hopefully going to go to the temple this week! Round 3! Another amazing blessing, the temple is awesome. Go as often as you can! 

There are only a couple of more weeks before a lot of missionaries go home so we are trying to get a good time in! Elder Fiti goes home, Elder Thompson, Elder Brigham, etc. A lot of my closest friends. My last transfer is going to be a lot different but that's okay! It will be super fun! 

Today we got to watch the new Beauty and the Beast movie for p-day and I almost cried😂 I got so deep into it. That could be my new favorite movie! We'll, maybe that's just cause I haven't seen any movies in forever, so everything seems good to me😂

I'm really enjoying my last few weeks in Mesa. It's been really nice, I love so many things about this place. I'm glad I've been able to serve with so many great people! I love the Lord and His work! Have a good week!

My district 
I thought this was cool:)
I love my Grandma Nielsen!

Mesa Sunsets :):)

Check out this TRUCK!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

It's June! Week #96

Heyo Mom!
We had a super busy week, the good kind of busy. I did get the Hydro Flask and it is AMAZING! I think it's the first time in forever that I've had cold water all of the time haha, thanks for sending that. 

There were a few highlights for this week! On Friday we went to the Gilbert temple with Marqus to do Baptisms. It was a party haha, the rest of the crew (his friends) came with us too and so we all carpooled down. Gilbert is super nice, a lot nicer than Mesa lol. It's cool though, I love Mesa. Anyways Marqus finally got to baptize all of his friends at the temple and they all had a really good experience. Afterwards we went to Costa Vida together to celebrate.

On Saturday we went to Gilbert again but this time with Summer and her some of her friends. Elder Thompson and Jones also came with their convert because she is good friends with Summer. We all did baptisms and it was really special. Summer really enjoyed it, and felt the spirit strongly in the temple.  They also had a member of the temple presidency talk to Summer and Marqus because it was their first time in the temple. They said some really great things, but I think my biggest take away from it was that temple work is among the most important work of the Lord. I'm excited to go to the temple more often when I get home and be a better part of this work when I'm not a full time missionary. 

Well I think that's about it for the week! I love where I'm serving right now! I hope you have a good week Momma! Love you!

Love Elder Findlay

Marqus's temple day

Summer's temple day


Lunch at Costa Vida

Elder Finday and Elder Matthews
at a member's home for dinner.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Summer's Summer Baptism! Week #95

Hey Momma!

Hi, I'm doing great! I did get my contacts FINALLY...Sister Garner always comes in clutch, just like you :) They are daily contact lenses and I got 90 lenses per eye, that will last me about 3 months which is good. They feel super comfortable in my eyes, I don't feel dryness or pain which is awesome.  Sister Garner is always a huge help to me, she's amazing. The people in Mesa have been so good to me.

Summer got baptized and it was SO AWESOME! I've never been to a cooler baptismal service. We taught Summer a lot this week to prepare her. She has been waiting a long time. A ton of her family came to support her and we had a full house, so we had to do it in the chapel. We had a huge planned for Summers baptism. we had her cousin Skype in and give a talk on the Holy Ghost.  He is serving a mission in Guatemala so it was special. It was a cry fest for sure, everyone was crying. Summer asked me, Mathews, Fiti, and Burningham to do a musical number for her so we put that together. Elder Mathews is a musical wizard and wrote a piano piece for our musical number. We sang the song "Baptism" and it wasn't bad! We had a ton of compliments and Summer loved it haha. Doing it was definitely out of my comfort zone but it was okay :) She was baptized by her uncle and it was a sweet experience. I love seeing closely knit friend groups and families help each other receive the Gospel and get baptized, that's the real way to do missionary work. 

Sunday was super special too! Marcus was ordained a priest and received the priesthood! Super cool, we and the crew(Marqus and his friends) are going to the Gilbert temple this week to do baptisms! He's way excited, we are too😂 Oh and we are also going to the temple with Summer this week too! Man miracles everywhere!

Random fact, I think I killed 6 scorpions in our apartment this week. They LOVE the heat...haven't been stung by one thank goodness!

Other than that, we had zone conference this week and it was good. It's always a revamp for missionary hype so it was great. 
 Elder Fiti gave his departing testimony so that was pretty cool as well. 

One thing that I've been focusing on this week is the Atonement of Christ and what that means me. To me it means that I have second chances for my mistakes. It means that I can change and become better than I was yesterday. It means that the Savior understands me and my life perfectly. He knows how to help me and I can do all things through him. That's why I love the Gospel.

I love you Momma! Your an inspiration to me, have an amazing week:)

Zone conferences this week...Benson Zone!

Summer's baptism day

Elder Burningham and I at Costco getting
 my contacts with the Garner kids

Some time spent with Summer
 this week prior to her baptism. 

Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day- Week #94

Hey Momma!

Memorial weekend in Bear Lake...I'm a little jealous I'm not going to lie😂 I bet it's super nice up there as far as the temperature goes, because wow it's getting hot again here! School is out now so a lot of members of our YSA wards are moving back down from Utah for the summer. We've been able to meet and talk to a ton of them which is awesome. They all want to come out and work with us which has helped a lot. We've been super busy.

We had a pretty huge miracle this week. A member of our ward has a friend that came down from NAU for the summer and she wants to be baptized! She wants to right away so it's going to be on Saturday!!😂 She is super excited, her name is Summer and she has a lot of LDS relatives that have had a great influence on her. We've been teaching her a lot and she is super prepared! It's been a fun experience. It definitely testifies that God really does prepare people to receive the Gospel. 

My new companion is Elder Mathews. He is from Long Beach California but he moved to Vegas just before he left on his mission. He's only been out for 4 months so not too long. We are having a blast together, we get along super well which is a huge blessing. He motivated to work so it's been awesome! We are both having a good time

It's been a party at our apartment that's for sure! It's been fun being around Elder Burningham again, it's like we were never separated haha. Today we went mini golfing and played some ball which was super fun. Then we got to watch Cars 3 at Clyde's house to wrap up p-day. 

That's about it for this week. The work is going good and we are having a good time as missionaries,  I can't complain. I love you Momma! Have a good first week of summer😁

Elder G and I on his last day of his mission.
 (He was Elder Findlay's trainer)
I sure love this guy and will miss him. 

p-day ballers

Lunch at Five Guys
(A member sent me this picture in a text this week)

Monday, May 21, 2018

Transfers! Week #93

Hi Mom!

So I found out transfer news on Saturday night and I'm staying! Not really a surprise to me because President told me that this would be my last area, but it's still exciting. Elder Brown is being transferred and I'm getting a newer companion. His name is Elder Mathews, I think he's from Utah, but I don't know him very well. All I know is that he's only been out for 2 transfers so I'm greenie breaking him, I'm pretty excited about having a new comp :) We have a ton of potentials right now so it is going to be great! This next transfer is going to be a PARTY, Elder Fiti and I are still living together for his last transfer AND guess what? ELDER BURNINGHAM IS HIS COMP😂 So I get to live with my son for my last 2 transfers😂 It's a party house for sure, I love where I'm at right now. 

This week was really good, we had some good new member lessons with Marcus and Amanda. Marcus is doing awesome, and we set a temple date with him for June 9th to go the Gilbert temple. The crew(his friends) will all be coming too so it's going to be a fun experience. Amanda is doing alright, she's kind of been struggling because her parents have basically cut all contact with her. They don't want anything to do with her so it's been hard. But she is strong and is pushing her way through it. They are both new people in Christ, the Gospel really changes individuals. 

This week one of my best friends on the mission got baptized! My boy TJ finally entered the waters of baptism! It was such a special experience for me and for him. Elder Karren and I taught him last summer and he had a really spiritual experience, the first he'd ever had. After 9 months of on and off meeting with missionaries he was finally ready😁 He has come a VERY long way, and has really changed his life. More than anyone I've ever seen before. 

I can't think of much more that I want to write about. I love the Gospel and know that it's true. I find real happiness by studying it and trying to live it. I love you Momma! Your amazing, have a good week!

Love, Elder Findlay

My boi TJ at his baptism
Us with Nancy, she helps us out a ton haha😂
 We played corn hole at Elder Grabensteins funeral😭 
 (Elder Findlay's trainer's last day on the mission
Me and Fiti went undefeated

They put my desk in the bathroom...
I like it better that way any way ;) 
Elder Findlay and Elder Brown

Monday, May 14, 2018

Baptisms and Mothers Day Call! Week #92

No letter this week as we were able to talk to Elder Findlay on Mothers Day. 😄😄😄 He did send us some pictures of his exciting week in the Mesa Mission though. His investigators Marcus and Amanda were both baptized on Saturday.  He was able to perform the baptism for Amanda.  He said that the day was one that he will never forget.  It was so spiritual and uplifting.  He was very happy when we talked to him and is absolutely loving his mission.  We can't wait to get him home in August and are counting down the days, but he is loving every single second he has left in his mission and doesn't want it to end. He is not "trunky" at all.  We are so proud of him!

Marcus's Baptism 

Amanda's Baptism 

Amanda is missing part of her leg so
 Elder Fiti helped steady her while
Elder Findlay baptized her.

Our last phone call!

A nice member took the Elders out for
 Mexican food and sent me this picture:

Benson Zone
(Elder Findlay is in the middle)

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

It's May! Week #91

Hey Momma! 

Wow you already got my return itinerary? Haha what the heck, that is pretty weird to think about. I cant believe its May either! It's also starting to get warm here, yesterday it hit 105 so that was a little hot. Just trying to prepare myself for the hot summer again. Luckily I'm not biking in the heat so it isn't too bad...

Yeah our area is doing really well right now! Marqus and Amanda are doing GREAT and are still planning on being baptized this Saturday! It will be one of the coolest experiences but also a crazy busy day😂 I've never had 2 baptisms in one day! Amanda has come such a long way, she has changed so much because of the Gospel and she is basically a new person. You take one look at her and you know that she loves the Gospel. 

Marcus is the same exact way! He acts basically like a Mormon already,  and is super prepared and ready for the Gospel. He has been coming to church and has grown a ton. He now understands what his purpose is he has a lot of joy because of that. His baptism is going to be so fun, his friend group reminds me a lot of mine. The homies are real, these guys have been amazing examples to Marqus and that's the reason why he was interested in the first place. If we could just always live what we believe and stick to our standards, we would be baptizing everyone. They would see the light of Christ in us and want to have it too.  I'm excited to be a much better member missionary when I get home :)

Yeah I think I will probably finish my mission in this area, I don't want to move again. Now that I'm in YSA I'd rather not go back to a family ward, that's sounds bad but YSA is super fun :)

Anyways so about my eye, I got some sample daily contacts that I've been using for the last few days. They are doing good so far. I may need to get some when my sample run out. I'm nor sure though, I will have to talk to my doctor. Hopefully I can get back to normal soon.

So I had a cool experience this week. I had a friend from home, who isn't a member, email me saying that she has been reading the Book of Mormon and met with missionaries for the first time this week! I had taught her a little bit a year ago over Facebook but she wasn't ready yet,  and now she is! I'm so happy for her! She will most likely be baptized here pretty soon.  There isn't a better feeling then knowing one of your friends is discovering the truths of the Gospel! 

I think that was it for the week. Sharing the Gospel is a party, seriously it's super fun when you understand how to do it. I'm excited to continue to share the Gospel, I love it! Have a good week Momma! I love you!

Mission work crew

I ran into the Garner family at the temple this week!
I was so happy to see them all :)

This is Marcus, (wearing the black hat)
 who will be getting baptized on
Saturday, thanks in part to the amazing
example of his crew (friends).