Wednesday, June 28, 2017

First Mesa Birthday- Week #46

I know I'm going to miss saying I'm 18 haha because there aren't many 18 year olds who have been out as long as me! But I guess I have to grow up, not my favorite thing to do but that's okay😅 Things are going pretty well down here. Alot of people are going out of town for the next few months to get away from the heat here in sizzling Mesa. In ward council they said that for the month of July there is only 30% church attendance. So that's going to be weird!

But this week we were able to introduce Elder Karren to a lot of the ward members before they leave. He'll probably finish up his mission in this area. Transfers were crazy crazy crazy. Not to mention it was 121 degrees that day. Those poor greenie missionaries that arrived that day! haha, I'm sure they were questioning what they've done😂 We all met at the mission office and did the switch there. Man I was so bummed to leave Elder Nuttall. I wish we could have been companions for a longer time. But he emailed me and said he's doing well. He's gone out a bunch with the missionaries at home already so I can tell he's still in missionary mode. We got all of our stuff to our apartment and I cleaned it for like 5 or 6 hours this week. When I first got here I was so surprised how bad it was. So I cleaned like everything. I made our room actually look like a room. The walls and floors were all stained and dirty so it looks better now thank goodness. I'm a little OCD😂 I like having roommates though, especially when one of them was your comp😂 we talk about our area a lot which is cool. A few of the people we were teaching together are now getting baptized soon! That makes me really happy. Especially Mike B., apparently he got a new job and has started to give up some of his habits so he can be baptized!👍

My new companion Elder Karren and I are getting along great. He's cool and really knows how to work. He's more reserved and quiet than Elder Nuttall that's for sure but we have a good time! Especially since he's from Logan we talk about Bear Lake and stuff like that. He played quarterback for Sky View high school so we talk about football a lot too. 

Mom note: I got a great text from a member of one of his wards and a video this week...
And yeah Sister S. is the best! I love their family. They had seriously like 15 javelina in the front of their yard😂 so I had to use the car alarm to scare them away! They are some ugly creatures. We actually get to have dinner with them again tomorrow!  They signed up twice...yes!

We visited some Sisters in a retirement home this week and had good conversations with them. It totally reminded me when we went to see Grandpa Nielsen right before I left. I will always remember that and how he talked about his mission in his story mode😂 I love Grandpa, I pray for him too. 

 I'm super proud of Landon and Mason, seriously they are going to be such good leaders in the mission, and in life of course. Those two radiate the spirit like non other. I don't think I've seen anyone live their beliefs as good as they do. Makes me so happy. I love them both!

And your right about the heat. Super super hot. Luckily I have a car but it's black so it's still hot haha. But yeah no heat here stops us from going door to door. Doorsteps are so hot, I told Dad that I can just feel the sweat drip down my back when I'm standing there. I never sweat a lot before my mission....ever. But here I do so that's a change for me😅 those poor missionaries on bike though. Man that's so tough. Elder Bland is training one of the new missionaries that came out! Elder Bland is the first one from our transfer to train so I was so hyped! Anyways he's training, has four wards, and 2 of them he has never been in, and he's on a bike! That's hard stuff right there. We talk a lot though and he said it's good!

Thanks for the birthday wishes and package! I'm turning 19 in Mesa!  Have a great week everyone! I love you!

Elder Findlay

Check out those ugly javelinas

My new room, after I cleaned for eternities...

new digs..