Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summah Time- Mesa week #44

Hi Everyone!😂 
So today I was able to give a talk in the Las Sendas Ward about Heavenly Father and his daily guiding hand. I really focused a lot on the doctrine of Christ, more specifically having the faith that God will guide us. I think I did a pretty good job. It was supposed to be fifteen minutes but I think it only ended up being like 10 haha, sometimes I just don't have anything else to say😂 Elder Nuttall was super happy because he got an extra five minutes. He loves public speaking for some reason😂 I can't believe we are already down to our last week together. The last six weeks have been the best weeks of my mission! I'm excited to see what happens next!

Its pretty hot still but you just kind of got used to it so it's actually not too bad. And you're right I love having a car! It is the best! It is black though, so it's super hot every time we get in. We've been doing a lot of driving off road in our car and so we are trying to convince Elder Rasmussen, our vehicle coordinator, to get us one of the off road vehicles😁 He's said he'll try but who knows, our poor Cruze though😂 as far as transfers go for next week, I am going to stay here for sure, just going to be getting a new companion. It will be good for both of of us, I can get around the area now a lot easier but I am still trying to meet everyone. There are a lot of people in our wards. Except recently. Everyone has been going away for the summer and so Las Sendas Ward is getting really small. Lots of snowbirds here. 

We have gone out to visit Matt again! (green bus guy in the desert) We've been out there a bunch actually just helping him out. He and his grandma are super sweet people, we brought them a bunch of cold water and stuff and they were super grateful. Matt says that he needs to get out of there because this heat isn't good for his grandma and so he is trying to get the bus up and running so they can go up north for the summer. So we've been recruiting people from the ward to help out and its great! I got a better picture of his bus, it's actually pretty clean and neat on the inside.  I wouldn't be afraid to live in it😂 They have a guard dog named Ganja who's super scary looking when you pull up because she barks and growls a ton. But once you pet her she is like the best dog ever haha, she's always lays upside down trying to get cool😂

All of the young men and young women here have been going and coming from girls camp, scout camp, high adventure, super activity, and all sorts of things! I always joke about how we should just go with the priests on their high adventure, because we're the same age so why not right?😎 The youth here are soooo awesome, they are good kids. They know how to have fun but keep their standards at the same time. That's the kind of youth the world needs right now. I also think our youth in our ward back home are the same way! 

This week we really just visited a lot of member families and oh we met a guy who was a Book of Mormon referral! He requested a free copy of the Book of Mormon on and so we met him at Golden Spoon ice cream and talked about it. He lives in Las Sendas Ward. We actually stopped by his house once before we met him but he didn't answer. But his house is massive. And he's like 25 years old. He looks like our age though it's crazy! His name was Nathan and he was a super chill dude, that's what he called himself😂 He said that the reason he wanted to read the Book of Mormon is because he saw the Broadway play of it and so he wanted to see if the Book of Mormon told the story similarly. Not the most typical way to find interest in the Book of Mormon but hey, we'll take it! He said that he will read it and see how he likes it. I am praying that the spirit will touch his heart and let him know that there is so much more to the gospel of Jesus Christ than just some lame broadway play. It's a way to find answers to his questions. 

All in all I couldn't have asked for a better week to serve! Lots of good things are coming about in this area and I know that it's because of the hand of the Lord. Always remember that he is always walking beside us. Thanks for your email Momma! I love you more than ya know! Have a great week and keep being the awesome mom I know! 

Love Elder Findlay

a better view of Matt's place

Just can't get enough of those Arizona sunsets

This is a video Elder Nuttall took of our ride out to Matt's place