Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Preachin in the Sun- Mesa Week 43


Thanks for the great email! It looks like you guys had a good first week of summer! I'm super excited for Landon and Mason, they are going to be great missionaries! I'm glad you got to be there when they took out their endowments. I bet they really enjoyed the temple. And you got to have Stake conference! That's awesome! I love Stake conference, it is always so uplifting.  

Its crazy that it's summer time again! Down here it just always feels like summer because the sun is there warming you up 24/7/365 days a year. I don't know how people live here in this heat. I go outside every morning at 10 o'clock and its already like 100 degrees. I walk into the sun and it's like getting slapped in the face! Sometimes I feel like I'm turning into a vampire😂 but hey, I'll have a good tan when I get home😎

We were able to have interviews with president this last week and it was great! We talked about my area and how it's kind of a tough one but we can find success there if we trust in the Lord. He told me that he is actually thinking of putting 1 or 2 sets of missionaries in the Stake rather than the 3 sets that we have now. It would allow us to be more busy and productive at the same time. So we'll see what happens this next transfer, it's going to be crazy!👍

So yesterday was like the best day since I've been here! Also the most bizarre😂 Anyways we woke up and played pickle ball with Bishop H. and Bro K. Its actually a lot of fun ha, we played with a bunch of older dudes in the ward and they are all pros at it. I got whooped on my first few games😂 but hey you win some and then you loose some right? But by the end I was doing good. Then later we had just a bunch of people to go visit including a referral from our ward mission leader. And its not just an ordinary referral. He said that he was driving on the freeway and off in the desert boonies he saw a flag sticking up and so he decided to go off-roading and check it out! Turns out that there is a green bus and a bunch of other stuff there just sitting in the desert. He said it looked like someone lived there and he was right! There is this guy named Matt who lives there. So Brother Jensen just talked with him about the gospel and gave him a Book of
Mormon! Haha seriously it is so awesome, he just saw a flag in the desert and ended up giving a Book of Mormon to that guy!

Anyways he gave us the referral and so we figured we might as well go find this guy. We drove on to this dirt road and started our journey!We literally drove for like 15 minutes on the dirt road until we saw his abode😂 I felt like we were in a movie driving up to it. It was really cool but also kind of sketchy because we were seriously in the desert boonies! We parked a little ways away from his bus because we just
didn't want to scare them or something like that. We walked up to it and first thing this huge dog came out and started growling and barking at us. Once he calmed down I yelled hello and someone said that they would be right out. It was like 10 minutes just waiting for them to come out and finally some dude came out. Of course he knew we were the Mormons but he was actually super friendly and gave us apple juice and shade😂 His name is Matt and he is 30ish years old. He was really open and friendly to us. He said he really appreciated us stopping by. He said that he has lived there for 4 months and no one has stopped by except us, Brother Jensen, and Mesa PD😅 We started talking and were able to teach him the restoration and he really liked
it. We told him that we all have an open choice whether or not to believe in the Book of Mormon, but we believe it is the word of God. He actually read the introduction before we
stumbled upon him and now he is going to pray about it.  He needed something to remind him about it and so he wrote our names on the side of his bus with sharpie haha! So yep it was great! Plus that means that we found a new investigator!

One thing that I learned from that experience was that you shouldn't judge people by what they have. You can just tell that Matt cares for everyone. He has the light of Christ in him. His Grandma actually lives with him because her children won't take care of her and Matt is working hard to keep her comfortable. Just a super good person. Its hard to find people like that now a days.

Other than that we visited a lot of less-active members and part member families which was good for me. I got to meet a bunch of people that the wards have been working with. We also did a TON of service. We helped 4 people move and that wiped us out! Oh and I had a little food poisoning as well one night so that was fun! We were pretty exhausted this week😁 This next week is going to be great and I'm excited to see what comes next!

I love you Momma!❤️ I say it every week because I do! Have a great summer week!

Love Elder Findlay
Check out that huge cactus!

We have an awesome view!

Cool flower thing I saw

Matt's house