Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mesa Week 42

Hi Family! 
I'm sure your loving it at the lake right now! Especially with the weather, I could use some of that down here. Its getting hot but really it's not been that bad. Normally at night it doesn't cool down but it has been for the most part! Its super nice. I miss the lake a lot😂 that's one of my favorite places during summer! Good thing it's not going anywhere! 

I finally had a lesson with our most progressing investigator!
She is the best! She's 21 I think and is super super open. We had an amazing lesson with her at the Visitors center. We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ and she really understood it well. She is reading the Book of Mormon and is going to pray about it this week! I forgot how fun it is to teach people with a desire to change! It makes things so much better😂

We also did a lot of service this week. We helped a less active member move which was a lot of fun. They then took us to lunch after for some sushi. Back home I was too picky to even try sushi so I hadn't even had it before. Well,  I had it and it was.....not my thing😂 to slimy and fishy for me. I did eat all of it but by the last one I was struggling haha! I like cooked fish better😁

Right now we are still meeting with lots of members, street
contacting, and doing online proselyting. Sometimes it's hard to fill our time but when we pray for opportunities to help people, the opportunities always come up. That has been a huge blessing for me. I can't tell you how many times we have had all of our lessons for the day fall through and end up not knowing what to do for the rest of our time. I sometimes just have no clue what to do, so I say a prayer
asking for someone to be in our path that could use our help. EVERY time we've been able to help someone with something whether it be a service or a short conversation. Every one of Gods children needs help in one way or another. And its very important to pray for those opportunities everyday. Plus, your day is soooo much better! Why wouldn't anyone want that? It changes how you think about or feel
towards others😇 as you begin to look at them through the eyes of God.

There might not be a lot of work going on right now but I am learning so much everyday. More and more I am glad that I'm out serving the Lord. There isn't a better feeling. I'm doing great! I'm always praying for everyone back home and I love you sooooo much!

Love Elder Findlay

mom note: the first 3 pictures were sent to us this week from the great Mesa members with such kind words about our missionary :)

My area is under the Phoenix sign...

Check out me and Shaq's signed game shoe!
It's so huge, I could probable fit my head in it!