Monday, January 30, 2017

Mesa Week #25!

Hey Everyone!

 I am having a bunch of really awesome experiences in this area, I'm going to be sad when I leave it. And you cant beat the January weather! Man and there is so much snow back home! What the heck! Basin is probably amazing this year😭 And you are right about being out of the world when you are on a mission. Me and my roommates were actually talking about how sick the world is and how it is just going to get worse and worse. Yes I do miss things at home but holy cow I am in my own little spiritual bubble away from the world for two years! Its such a blessing! Its a time where I can find my relationship with Christ and bring others to Him! It just gets better and better!

Changes are always happening in the mission, and this time it's our mission schedule! And it's awesome! We no longer plan at night but in the morning instead. The reason is because the missionary health department is pushing for missionaries to get 9 hrs of sleep so we can go to bed at 9:30 if we want now! They gave us a lot more flexibility with when we can do our studies and all that good stuff, oh and they also cut lunch in half. No to stoked about that one but that's alright. Normally on P-day we would wake up, exercise, do 2 hrs of studies and then P-day would start at 10 a.m. Now we only do half an hour of personal study and P-day starts at 8 a.m.! Its pretty awesome! 

I went on exchanges with Elder Child in his area on Tuesday, it was cold! The nights have been really chilly but this next week is supposed to be 70's everyday! Anyway Elder Child is from Brigham City which is pretty cool! He lives like right by the temple! We talked for a while about that! But I love his apartment because it has a fireplace and so when we got back I just laid in the recliner and chilled. I was so relaxed haha! Now I know why Dad wants a recliner haha!

So we have this investigator that we have been teaching and she is 60 has read the BOM already 1 full time. She would get baptized in a heartbeat if she could, but she can't quit smoking! We have been working with her since we got here and have done everything that we know how to do. We have not been able to progress with her and so we had to stop teaching her this week.  That was really hard for us.  Hopefully she will be able to find the desire in her heart to fully commit to the gospel of Jesus Christ and be baptized someday. 

On Saturday we went to the visitors center with Gabriel and Israel and their family. We watched the old prodigal son video about forgiveness. Its an 80's movie that has terrible acting but puts out a good point. Afterwards I asked Israel what he learned from the video and he had some wise words, he said that "you can't change the past, you can only fix the future". Its so true though, the past is the past and it is nothing to dwell in. What's done is done and you should be changing  the future for the better! That's what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is! It is change. 

I love this gospel so much. I wish I would have focused more on it when I was home!! I had no idea what I was missing out on. I hope you guys are continuing to pray and read the scriptures! That is what will keep you close to God! I love you Momma so much! Your are the best and I miss you everyday! I'm always praying for you guys and hoping all is well! I hope you have a blessed week! I love you!!!😊

Elder Findlay



We were riding our bikes and starving so a nice member
invited us in for spaghetti.  The members of the
church really look out for us here in Mesa.