Monday, January 9, 2017

5 Months! Week 22

Momma! How are you feeling now that the wedding is over with? Relieved ha? Did you guys do anything fun for New Years? No big celebrations for us, we just kept the same missionary schedule. We had transfers on Tuesday but nothing changed for us so things were good. Oh and thanks for sending the package!! We are going to the mission office today so hopefully it will be there, if not I will grab it this week sometime! Man today was super awesome Mom! You know Brother Owens, the guy who gave me those special gifts, well he decided to take us on a hike to weavers needle. It was so awesome and I forgot how much I loved climbing on rocks and messing around! It was super quiet and you could hear nothing but nature. I brought my hammock but there were no trees, there were cacti but I didn't want to destroy my straps putting them on it😂 I easily could have though! It was like a 4 hour hike and was bomb, it reminded me a lot of us going on the hiking trips with the Heatons and Markers! And how I always complained about going on them, well times have changed and I thirst for it now😎 

On Tuesday it was transfers so it was super crazy, even though our area didn't change at all. One of our investigators named Torrey got baptized that night! He has been so excited and has been waiting for this for a long long time. He was super ready for the gospel and has such a strong testimony of the spirit. Me and Elder Eaton worked our tails off trying to get the baptism all set up that whole day and it turned out perfect! Elder Edwards was able to baptize him, Elder Edwards is from England and went home on Friday. It was really cool because his parents came to Mesa to pick him up and so they got to see him baptize someone while he was on his mission! Super cool experience for him and his family! Anyways it was really cool to see another investigator get baptized!😂. 

This week we had a baptism, next Sunday we have a baptism for Tiana, and the week after that we have a baptism for Gabriel and Israel! The work has been moving along really well here. And you can't beat the weather! Most of the time it's 60 degrees plus. I love it but summer is going to be hoooootttttt! We have been visiting a lot of former members and less actives lately which can get really slow. They days feel longer when you don't have 4 or 5 lessons set up, but it does teach you how to handle rejection haha. There are two types of people in Mesa. When we say "hey have you been to the Visitors center in downtown Mesa?", the first type doesn't even acknowledge that we are even there. The second type just tells us straight up that they don't want to talk with us because they have talked to us many times before. Its really interesting to see what people think about Mormons and kind of funny at the same time. I just feel bad for them because they don't know what they are missing out on. And then once in a blue moon there is someone who will listen to what we have to say😂 and that"s always nice!

Haha oh and and something super funny happened last night! So we were going to meet at Brother Owens house at 7:00 in the morning by just getting up and going. Well all I remember was Elder Eaton waking me up while shaving and then turning on the lights. Then he went into Elder Watmough and Quists room, turned on their lights and came back in our room. I sat up and in my head I was thinking there was no way that it was already morning, so I checked the clock and it was 1:00 in the morning😂 Elder Eaton totally thought it was time to go, he even checked his watch and saw the time anyways and kept going! By the time I had convinced him that it was  it 6:30 he had gotten dressed, brushed his teeth, shaved and was ready to go😂 it was the best thing ever haha! Good stuff✌️

Well I hope this email finds everyone healthy and happy! I love ya Momma and pray about you everyday! I miss you soooooo much but look forward to serving the Lord some more! Love you!!

Love your fav missionary son, Elder Findlay😎
Elder Calio is an interesting kid😂

And there is famous Brother Owens. He's the best!

Torrey's baptism, missionaries dream

The crew.
 Elder Higham on the far left came
out with me and now he's in my district. 

Pretty much the definition of AZ