Monday, February 6, 2017

Livin' the Dream - Week 26

What's up! I am doing fantastic on this p-day. It's been a real chill p-day which I have needed really bad. We have had a crazy week full of lessons with investigators and tons of moving people. And I can't believe I've already been out for almost 6 months, its unreal. Well I won't be considered a greenie anymore, although I still feel like one!   I'm very much enjoying the perfect weather but in a few months it will be super hot again, crossing my fingers I'm in car again by then!😎 Transfers are on Valentine's Day and anything can happen. Elder Eaton thinks he is leaving and I will stay but I could see it the opposite way. The last Elder that was in my area was here for 9 months so it's beyond me what will happen! But I'm excited! 

That's awesome that stake conference was good! I love a good speaker who can really speak their heart, it makes a world of difference. I definitely see the need for what Elder McKay spoke on. There are so many people that I've met here that have fallen away from the gospel and it makes me sad because more than half of them are returned missionaries. Being offended, sinning, laziness, and doubt are all tools of Satan in this world and it gets the best of a lot of people. He knows that he can't win so what he is doing is trying to bring down with him as many of us as he can. That's why it's so important to have a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon. In elders quorum we were talking about building our lives on solid foundations. If that first foundation of everything we do is based on Jesus Christ then it can't be broken! Its so easy to forget this and its also really easy to do it! Its so worth it, there are so many blessing that will flow your way!

Oh and guess what? So one of the High Schools here is Mountain View, which is also nicknamed "Mormon View" haha. Anyways a bunch of kids from the basketball team think that they could beat us Elders in a game of basketball. It's today at 4:30 and its actually a pretty big thing haha, the Elders team is Me, Elder Thompson, Elder Cox, Elder Jackson, Elder Higham, and Elder Lee. These kids are going to wish they didn't challenge us. We are all good ball players so its going to be like the good old days. 

Some of our new investigators came to church yesterday! Mike and Teresa were there which was great! It was a really good sacrament meeting I think so we hope they liked it. They had to bounce after Sacrament but it was good that they made an appearance! Since it was Super Bowl Sunday it was an interesting one. I wasn't too bummed about missing the game until everyone we talked to asked "so are you watching the game?". That's when I was kind of missing it haha but I'm glad I'm here. I did get to see the score quite a bit though, I just asked everyone we talked to. It was a great night though. We were riding our bikes through one of the apartment complexes that we cover and I saw this one guy just texting on his phone so I went over and talked to him a little. And as he was talking I looked around and noticed that there were a bunch of boxes with stuff spilled out in the front of his apartment. He was looking pretty sad so I asked if there was anything we could do for him and he opened up and told us about his girlfriend and how she got mad and chucked his stuff all out in the street. So we helped him cleanup and he was really happy that we helped out. So he gave us some limited edition ghostbusters soda pop haha! I love helping people out, now I know why the Lord did it so much!😝

All in all it was a solid week. Things are great and the Lord is working his miracles. I love you momma and hope you have an awesome week! I keep praying for you everyday. Tell everyone I say hi! Love ya! 

Love Elder Findlay

I love our temple!


I got to hammock for a few minutes today!
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