Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 23 as a Mesa Missionary

Hey sorry this is last weeks email...we were out of town and I didnt get it posted to the

That's so awesome that you are in Florida this week! I'm sure you'll soak as much sun up as you can! 

On Tuesday I was able to go with Elder Klaus in his area. We had a really good time and  went to a ton of houses. We also had zone training meeting that morning so that made things pretty crazy. But we did get to go to backyard Taco with Elder Campbell and Hanks. They are our zone leaders. We then went to like 30 people's houses and 1 person answered. Their area is really struggling. We found some potentials but that was about it. We had a really fun time haha plus elder Campbell and Hanks are their roommates so we partied that night. Me and Elder Campbell get along really well, he is from Louisiana and is thinking of going to LSU to play football. Haha we all slept in their room and talked til like 2 in the morning. I'm gonna remember those nights for a long time!!

On Wednesday I got to go to Elder Calio's area again. It was a blast and I love love having a car. Its so nice, you can do more things a lot faster than you can on bike. Brother Owens texted us and asked if we wanted to come over for lunch so we were pretty stoked about that. He made some bomb grilled cheese, it was sooooooo good. And he gave me a loaf of Grandma sycamore's bread which made me super happy. I can't find it at any stores in Mesa, mostly cause I can't go to Costco. Reminds me of home! You never go to Lanny's house without something special of course. He collects coins and has a huge collection of old coins from the 1800's and it's pretty sweet. He also showed us all of his deer skinned leather that he got from Canada. He makes pouches and cool things from it and then gives it to people. He is honestly the nicest most kind person that I have met it mesa. There are so many great people and I can say that I am loving them!! It makes the work very worth while!😎

Saturday was super cool, I went on exchanges with Elder Watmough for the last time because he goes home in a month. We went to do service that morning doing yard work and such. It was actually really sweet, the guy we did service for had a 1970 Ford Thunderbird and he couldn't get it started and so I worked on it for a while trying to get it going but had not so much luck. So then we just mowed their lawn and did some pretty good yard work for them. They were then kind enough to provide lunch for us and so the got Costco pizza! I hadn't had that stuff in forever. It was super good. Me and Elder Watmough biked back home and got ready and rushed to a lesson that was actually with one of my investigators. I think I might have mentioned her before but she is super awesome who really wants to build her faith in Jesus Christ. So we had an awesome restoration lesson with 4 missionaries which was bomb! We got her to commit to read and pray about the Book of Mormon! I know it will bless her and her kids sooooo much! I want people to know about it mucho mucho! Towards the end of the night Elder Watmough was just out of things that we could do. Their area is sooooo dry right now, they haven't had a single investigator for 2 transfers and no one is willing to listen. It stinks because Elder Quist and Watmough are probably the most hard working missionaries I've seen on my mission and yet the success isn't there. So Me and Elder Watmough decided to go to the church and offer a kneeling prayer. It was such a powerful prayer and especially for me. Hearing it from a missionary who has been out for 23 months was a real testimony builder for me. At the end of it we both pondered and both got the answer that its all in Gods time when the area will be bringing new investigators! It was awesome! Super cool experience! 

Sunday was so sweet!! We had some great meetings at church, had some investigators come which is always a joy! Church ended about 4:30 then we just went back to our apartment and had a pretty chill dinner. We were then privileged to have another baptism, this time for Tiana! It went super well and had a bunch of people come. After that we had a lesson with sister cook who is such a nice lady!! She is a recent convert and she made us apple cider with ice cream and brownies. Sooooo nice.

All in all this week flew by and it was crazy! I had such a good time with the other Elders and stuff! And I'm still enjoying the sun here in Mesa and I'm super glad that you can enjoy some too in Florida!! I love you momma and hope you have the best week!!

Love Elder Findlay
Our Zone:)

Sunday nights in the 480

It's cold in the mornings sometimes! ;0