Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year! Week 21

Happy New Year!!

Holy cow this week sounded crazy for you with all of the wedding events but so much fun! I do wish I could have been part of it, It sounded so much fun! And that's so great that the whole family was there. Everyone looked so happy and that was awesome! Kaitlyn and Brett look really happy.  

This week was super awesome. We really had a good time. So transfers are on Tuesday and it blows my mind that it's already here. Luckily for us everything is staying the same. We were hoping for a car but that didn't happen, so ya I'm stuck on bike for the next 6 weeks again😂 P-day last week was da bomb! It was by far the best p-day I've had haha! We watched the Saratov approach which makes me appreciate that I'm in Mesa haha. President also gave us permission to watch ELF!! So we watched it in Brother Thompsons theater which is the best thing ever, its literally the size of an actual theater! It was soooooo stress free and I just enjoyed it a lot. It reminded me of home watching it with Jack haha!

As far as the work goes, one of our investigators Torrey is getting baptized on Tuesday! Its awesome! We are super excited for him and he is more ready than ever. This week I've really been able to see the fruits of our labor in the field. They aren't massive but small and noticeable. Some of our other investigators Gabriel and Israel are getting baptized in a couple of weeks. They are 9 and 10 years old and the funniest kids, I love them! They asked us to baptized them so I am really looking forward to that! I've done baptisms in the temple before but this is the first time I've done it for someone on my mission! Sorry there isn't much to say about this week other than we knocked a lot of doors and talked to a bunch of people.

Today has been really awesome too! I got a haircut this morning and now I look like a little kid haha! I will send a pic. We also hung out with my Grandpa Elder Knudsen, he goes home tomorrow which makes me sad. We get along really well. He lives in draper so he will be in Utah tomorrow! We had the silver bullet today(aka ford transit mission car) and so we could do whatever. We went disc golfing at a course over at Red Mountain which was sweet! I loved it a lot, turns out I have been playing it wrong all my life haha! Since we were out that way we went to Winco and got some groceries. It's way better shopping there because things are cheaper but it is further away. P-day is so much easier with a car, I took it for granted when I had one! We also went to The mall, I didn't buy anything but I helped Elder Eaton pick out some ball shoes. I forgot how much I love shoes😎 Now we are chillin in the church playing ball and emailing. Sorry it's taken me forever to get it out, today has been crazy!! Oh and we didn't do anything special for New Years, just a normal missionary day😇

I love ya momma! You are the best and always make me smile when I read your emails.  Tell everyone back home I love and miss them a lot! I pray about you guys everyday! Love you!!!
New baby boy haircut

It rained like crazy on Christmas Eve

Elder Eaton didn't like it one bit!

got soaked

Thanks mom for the Christmas gifts,
especially these Chargers socks!

Having some good biking/finding weather!

Christmas Night...singing at the
 Mesa Temple in the missionary choir

Elder Eaton and I

Got to see my Texas cousins Amelia and Jett
who were visiting Mesa.  So awesome!

...and my Uncle Josh and Aunt Melisa.
Thanks for finding me!

Funny face but cool picture!