Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas in Paradise! Mesa Mission Week 19

What's up Mom! I can't believe I'm already writing to you again, I could have sworn I just wrote you like yesterday haha! Well Christmas is coming up! Got all the Christmas shopping done? Haha its such a crazy time of year, even as a missionary. 

1st day of Exchanges was sooooo much fun. Probably the best exchange I've been on. I went with Elder Calio in his area, and guess what? They have a car and so I got to drive. Man I miss driving, it was fun. Elder Calio is from Italy and so he has the funniest accent, love him ha! We get along really well, and we just laughed the whole time we were doing stuff. This morning we had an extra hour of study for Elder Calio because he is learning English, that was awesome for me because I had an extra hour of study! I wish we could do that everyday. Elder Calio and Bischoff actually live in my bishops house, bishop Allen, so I get to see him a lot! We then went to visit a member in their area who owns one of the biggest car washes in Mesa and went to his office. His office was sooooo sick, he had Jordan basketball shoes all around his office for sale. It was all I could do to resist drooling over them. That's my weakness right there, so unfair😂 anyways the guy had a massive fish tank in his office, he had hundreds of fish/starfish/eels and there was a short in one of the wires so it killed everything in the tank. He had spent over $10,000 dollars on the fish and he was soooo sad. I felt bad for the dude. But his office was super cool. That night we went and played basketball with a bunch of guys from their ward and then a TON of investigators. It was so sick, they were all tattoos dudes and we played hard! I had my game going for me and they all liked me so they want me and my companion to come back next week! That was the most fun I've had playing basketball here! Like I tell everyone, basketball is the best missionary tool. When you play the game having chemistry with one another, you really bond with the person and that's how you can begin to share with them what you know to be true. 

Day 2 of exchanges: Today I was with Elder Bodily in my area. It was a crazy busy day. He was waiting for a visa to go to Brazil where he was originally called. So he leaves to Brazil on the 2nd of January. We had 4 hours of study because he had to do 12 week and language study. It was awesome for me because again I had an extra hour of study! Love it! Because of the crazy morning with exchanges and everything that took us to dinner with the Iurato's which was awesome. Their daughter Jamie returned from her mission from Australia a little while ago and now she is playing college soccer for ASU and she leads the nation in scoring, she's pretty funny haha! Then to end off our night we met a bunch of crazy people and so yeah haha!

Day 3 of exchanges: Well today I was with Elder Klaus in his area. We had a pretty awesome day! We were able to go to the temple with our zone and President and Sister Townsend. It was really awesome, probably the last time we will be able to go with them for a while. It was super spiritual! We had a really good time there. Then afterwards we had a short zone conference which was great. We talked about the Savior being the bread of life and how we need to realize that he is the bread of life and that we will never thirst or hunger spiritually or physically if we follow his teachings. That night we visited this family and gave the dad a blessing. He then showed me his old Camaro in his garage so we talked for like an hour about it haha! I can really talk cars for days, love them ha! They gave us some eggnog and Elder Klaus is from Brazil so he hasn't had any before so he got his first glass full. He drank the whole thing politely and then as we were biking away he said how terrible it was haha! Just the way he said it in his Brazilian accent was hilarious! Eggnog has really worn on me here, you know how back home I never really liked it? Well now I think I'm beginning to like it haha! Your mission really changes how you eat. Your going to think I'm crazy for saying this but before my mission I was a super picky eater. Everything had to be super plain but now I don't care anymore. I just eat whatever I get and its alright! I know it's hard to believe! The only thing that still gets me is onions though, my tastebuds haven't changed for those things. Anyways after that we went to an investigators house that Elder Klaus had never met because the guy was a referral. We went to the door and he was busy working on his car and so I asked him if I could see it. He opened his garage and he had I think it was an Austin Healy. I think that's what it was called but I don't remember. He was making a fiberglass dash for it and it was pretty cool so we went on again talking about cars for a while and he opened up to us! It was awesome, we then scheduled an appointment with him. Crazy crazy day.

Sunday was super good! At church the Tapias came and then some less active people! Oh and we gave talks in 60th ward, that was great. Not really... I still don't like giving talks haha but it was on D&C 19:23. Glad to have that out of the way ;) We were able to have dinner with the Booths again, if you don't remember they were the family that we had dinner with on Thanksgiving! Such and awesome family and sister Booth is a really good cook. And guess what? She made me orange rolls because on thanksgiving we talked about our family traditions and that's what I said mine was! They were soooooooooo good but not the same as yours Mom. I can taste the love in yours ha! We found 3 new investigators and met some really awesome people! We hardly had to bike on Sunday so we were super happy about that! 

Well Christmas is next week whoa, it sneaks up pretty quick! I can't believe its that time of year again. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!  I am so excited to talk to you all.  I love you sooooo much and can't wait until Sunday! I'm super hyped for it! I hope you have an amazing week! 

Love Elder Findlay
Met this little guy on exchanges, he's rocking my glasses

This is all of us on our first day and now we've been out 4 months! Time is flyin by

sweet old Camero

I sent you guys a package today so it should come sometime this week! I hope you all like it! Don't worry I didn't spend a million dollars on it either haha! Don't mind my face also, I was super tired that night😂