Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Mesa Week #64

Hey Mom!

I had a great time this week in my new area! I'm slowly getting the hang of things and getting to know the neighborhood.  It is super different from my last few areas. The people are a lot more humble and willing to hear the gospel. The wards that I serve in are so different. They are both about half the size of my last wards. There are TONS of less-actives here and that is most of our work. We are teaching a few investigators on the side but we've had a hard time contacting them. This area is good for finding but a good portion of the people we find are kinda flakey. But I really do love it. The missionaries in our district are fun! Sister Kenny is in my district, she goes home in a transfer. She's the one from Pleasant View. One thing that I love about this area is that 80% of the people are Hispanic and they are soooo kind. Every morning when I'm biking I wave at everyone out walking. Most of them are Hispanic and they have the friendliest hellos! It makes me want to smile more😊

My new companion, Elder Draper is hilarious. He's from a small town in Wyoming. I love being his companion. He has a lot of back problems and stuff so it's kind of difficult to get around quickly but we make it work. We get along really well and just laugh all of the time. We are going to do big things here! We live right across from the temple, so we can even see it from our front window. Every day I get to bike past the beautiful House of the Lord and be reminded of my promises with God. Speaking of the temple, tomorrow is Halloween and we have the wonderful opportunity to go to the temple all night long! The whole mission is going and it's going to be a special experience. I love being a missionary!

On Saturday we participated in the Salt River cleanup project again like last year. It was a lot of fun. I got to see all of my mission homies again. It was a super good turnout. Me and Elder Draper were out for like 5 minutes and we found in the river an iPhone 6 and $60 in a waterproof case😂 We definitely found a jackpot. There were some other people that found GoPro's and stuff like that. Plus we cleaned 7 miles of river and had thousands of pounds of trash cleaned up. I Love Service! 

There is a family here that absolutely loves us haha, they spoil us so much. They are the Garner Family and they are a younger couple with two kids. They basically feed us every night and they make us lunch on Sundays! Since I've been in this area we've had 3 different Halloween parties and it's been fun! I've actually met a ton of people in the ward already because of the many parties. Elder Bland (my MTC comp) served in this area and he tells me all about it, and we are back in the same zone which is a miracle😂 I really really like my Zone, but like 3/4 of them are Spanish missionaries so it's different. This morning we played k-ball (basically ultimate frisbee using a volleyball, and you play on a basketball court and try to score on the hoops) and there were a ton of people there. We made like 3 teams and we dominated. Elder Gull is also in my zone, remember him? He was Elder Parra's companion. I love that guy. Anyways there is this new Elder in the mission who is super tall and he was going up for a dunk and I came out of no where and stuffed him so hard! Everyone went crazy and started freaking out😂 Man if I would have gotten that on video. That's one I'm going to re-watch in heaven😂

I'm glad Grandpa's funeral was a success. I wish I could have been there but I'm sure it was special. It looks like the Nielsen family members are doing good! I did get all of the pictures and the song. Super cool, your right about the song being perfect for Grandpa. It definitely suits him well. Yes it is a bummer that I got transferred out of the Truitt's Ward, but I can still have Thanksgiving dinner with them. We don't have a dinner set up for thanksgiving. I'm like 3 miles away still and so I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem getting a ride there😂 I also got your package! It is the bomb! I love the tie and man those pretzels are amazing, where did you buy those? You know how I like snacky stuff. I know Christmas is coming up again, I don't know of anything else I need. I definitely don't need any random stuff, I have too much😂 One thing that would be nice are more blue slacks. Mine are turning white. The sun just takes out the color in my slacks. But that's the only thing I can think of. I'll let you know if I think of anything else. Your the best Mom, I love you so much😊

I think that's about it for this week! I'm happy that I'm serving my God in this wonderful work. I love you Mom! You are AMAZING. Have a good week! 

Love, Elder Findlay

My new room

This is the Browns..They owned the home that I lived in last transfer.  It was sad to leave them, they have taken great care of me.

Me and Elder Draper and the iphone we found in the river.

I like this little brick nook by my bed. It's good for shoe displays...haha!

My desk and closet

Our view of the temple from the front window of our house :)
I got your package! Thanks MOM!!! :):):)