Saturday, October 28, 2017

Transfers! Mesa Week #63

Hi Mom!

I got your email about Grandpa Nielsen this week. Although it is hard to see him pass away, I also know that he is happier in his Heavenly home with Grandma Nielsen and his Heavenly Father. I am going to miss him and his many stories and adventures! I'm so grateful I know that God has a plan, and that it's a perfect plan. I don't have to worry about it because I know he is in good hands. Grandma Barbara told me a special story today. She said that the only time she had ever seen Grandpa Nielsen cry was when he gave me a Priesthood blessing when I broke my leg as a baby. I had never heard that before, it really touched me. I am grateful that he was a worthy Priesthood holder of God who set the example for our family. Grandma sent me a few pictures
of me with him when I was little. Super cool to see those. I'll attach some of them.

So last week I told you about those two investigators, Hannah and Cole, who randomly showed up to church. We were able to meet with them this week and they are solid! They are a younger couple and they are hilarious! We taught them the Restoration and they understood it and accepted it very well. They accepted to read and pray about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon! They both committed to prepare themselves to be baptized on the 18th of November! I know that the Lord is preparing the hearts of the people around us. I know He blesses those who seek to share the gospel with others.

So this week is transfers again. And I am getting a new companion! Elder Draper, he also was in the MTC with me and was Elder Birds MTC companion. I was his roommate for two transfers while I was in Las Sendas. He's from Wyoming. He's a funny guy. I am Senior companion again which is cool. Not like it means anything special but it motivates me to work harder. Turns out that I am also being transferred. Definitely my shortest stay in an area. But I'm excited to move on and experience new things! I will be going to the Mesa Stake serving in the Pioneer and Poinsettia wards. I'm kind of happy that I will have two wards! Its been a year since I last had that. My area is right next to the temple which is sweet considering that the Christmas lights will be coming up here soon. So I will probably be at the temple lights every night in December! This area is one of the best areas for finding people which is a huge change for me, I've been in really wealthy areas for the last 8 months. It is definitely opposite of where I'm at now, it is by the temple so it's super ghetto there and there are a ton of homeless people. It will take some getting used to but it will be a great growing experience for me. I will be on bike! Heavenly Father was sooo kind to me by putting me in car for the hot months of
the year! Now I'm on bike right when things are cooling down, I love it. BUT,  I will need to buy a bigger bike lock😅

I am sad that I have to leave this area though. Even though I've only been here for 6 weeks I've never loved so many people so fast in just one transfer! There are many good people here. And I won't have a queen size bed anymore😂 It was nice while it lasted haha, I'm okay moving away from luxury for a little while. Time to be a normal missionary again😂

Today was a fun p-day. We kind of did our last hurrah with our district and did a bunch of fun stuff. We went to Venezias Pizza and went to a place called "Tough Tie". They are based out of Mesa and they make super tough, water repellent ties and they are sick! It is two returned missionaries that run it. They are cool guys. So we all got a tough tie. It's awesome because you can put ketchup on it and it slides right off and so does any other liquid or food. Nothing sticks. Its not like I'm a messy easter or anything like that haha but
Elder Anderson and Mosel have one and they taught about baptism with it by putting ketchup on it and washing it clean. Pretty cool. So I couldn't resist😂 Oh and we also went mtn biking in Las Sendas with Elder Thompson and Helton. That was fun but man am I out of shape😂

Well I have plenty of pictures for you this week haha, I love you so much Mom. Your the best! Have a fantastic week!
Love, Elder Findlay
At a members house, in their dream garage!

Me and Grandpa Mckinney and Grandpa Nielsen.
 I will miss Grandpa Nielsen.

One last ride with the boys