Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Doughnuts for Days! Week #67

Hey Momma!

Happy almost Thanksgiving!! I can’t believe it’s that time of year again.  I am getting ready for the loads of food we will eat this week...yes! We have plans to go to the Garner's house for Thanksgiving. They are the BEST family ever. We will also be going over there for Christmas Eve and Christmas. Plus they feed us like twice a week anyways. They are such a blessing to us. 

I’ve been getting into the holiday spirit lately, I’ve been bringing out the Christmas vibes😂 On Saturday we had the chance to go out to Globe for a baptism of one of the investigators Elder Draper taught when he was there. Elder Jackson also came with us so we were in a trio for the day. Anyways the drive over there is like an hour and a half. We basically sang Christmas music at the top of our lungs the whole time. Then on the ride back we were wiped out and slept. Luckily I drove up so I didn’t have to drive back. It was a fun little road trip. It was super cool as far as the temperature goes up there. Like 10 or 15 degrees cooler. They get snow in December usually so we are planning to go up there again and experience the snow. I miss snow sooo much. Christmas isn’t the same without it😂

I had a cool experience this week. It was on Monday night and the time was around 8:30ish. We were both wiped out and it was kind of a rough day. Anyways I was thinking to myself and then I told Elder Draper that we needed something to cheer us up. So I said we are going to get some donuts😂 We live near a donut shop and so we went there. We get into the shop and I started talking to the lady at the register, turns she had just moved from out of state a few months ago and started working there. Her name was Portia and as I was talking to her I felt prompted to invite her to the temple Christmas lights. She had never heard of them and we talked some more and it turns out she is a member of recent. She said she hadn’t been able to find where her ward meets or when it was. She said she had no idea how to find that out, so she just hadn’t been going. She felt helpless. We figured out where her ward met and connected her with her Bishop and the missionaries there. She was super super happy, she even gave us free donuts😂 Anyways it was a little tender mercy but it had an impact on me. There are people all around us who are searching for the Savior, who don’t know where to find Him. In this experience it was a literal search, but there are lost sheep looking for their shepherd and we are the means of helping them find their way. As we go about our day, look for those lost sheep and reach out to them. It’s an everyday joy we can experience!😁

Also random answer from last email, yes I did get my flu shot. It was in October. So I should hopefully be good for the next year. I did catch a cold the last few days though. The cold weather isn’t helping either😂 Mom!! I’m such a wimp!!! It’s like 70 degrees and I’m FREEZING cold all the time! I’ve been wearing hoodies every chance I get. I guess AZ got the best of me... Anyways I hope my cold goes away soon. A bunch of people have it so it’s going around. I should be fine though, still kicking. 

We had fun mission blessing the other day! We had district meeting this week and had a district lunch after. Well we were feeling expensive so we decided to go to The Cheesecake Factory😅 Yep us poor missionaries. Luckily I don’t spend a ton of money on food, I’m pretty good about saving money. So I could afford it but I’m not sure about the other missionaries. There were 8 of us there. We were just about to order when a guy comes up to me, gives me his credit card and business card and says “I am one of the three Nephites, buy whatever you want and drop my card off at my office when you're done”. And then he just walked away😂😂 I was like what just happened?!, so that’s when I knew without a doubt that we are some of the most spoiled missionaries😅 I am so grateful for all of the wonderful people in Mesa. They are everywhere and they are angels in disguise. As we were driving away I saw this poor homeless dude on the side of the road. I felt really bad because I just ate at a ridiculously expensive restaurant and this guy can barely feed himself. I got a slice of strawberry cheesecake to go and let me tell ya, I wanted it sooo bad, but I would’ve felt terrible if I didn’t give it to him. So I gave it to him, he was really grateful and I felt the love of Christ and I know he did too. Again there are so many little opportunities for us to help people feel the love of Christ, especially this holiday season. 

We had a good ball sesh today right before our music practice for the Christmas lights. Over half the mission was there watching us ball. I got a sick alley oop dunk that I wish I would’ve got on film...it’s okay I have a lot of witnesses😂 Anyways I love mission ball, it’s the best. But I love my mission more. I am so happy to be here in Mesa serving the Lord.  I wouldn’t change it for the world. I feel the spirit so often and there is no better thing. I love the Gospel and I know it’s true. I want to share it with everyone.  I love you so much Momma!! You are the best. Thanks for being the best. Have a great week!

Love, Elder Findlay

My awesome district

He's out! ;)

Here's a short clip of my and my boy Elder Thompson. This dunk isn't clean but the one I didn't get on video was legendary!  haha
Mission ball is the best