Thursday, November 9, 2017

Happy Mesa Week #65

Happy Monday!! I am currently enjoying myself on my p-day. We are just playing some ball at the church with a bunch of other Elders. I needed it this week. Lots has happened in the area and it's been all good things! Elder Draper has a bad back and he hurt it on Monday playing ball so we get a car for the rest of the transfer. It's sad that he got hurt but hey I'll take a car again😂 Everyone in our district is super jealous of us haha. Good stuff. We did get to go to the temple on
Halloween night which was sweet. It was a lot of fun. We were able to do a session and some initiatory work. It was fun because I was with Elder Eaton the whole time. He goes home in January😭 We talked about all the good times we had as companions. I'm gonna miss that guy.

I'm definitely getting the hang of things here and it's been a huge blessing. I love this area soooo much. This is the first time in months where I've been fairly busy and have plenty of people to visit! I love it so much. We are teaching a few people right now. Britain is one of our investigators. She has been meeting with missionaries for a long while. She's definitely converted to the gospel but is just waiting for some marriage paper work to go through so she can be baptized. She's awesome. We are also teaching a handful of
less-actives. It's been really good. Most of the work in this area is with less-actives and recent converts.

This week was really motivating for me in many ways. The first being that I was sick AGAIN. I was actually sick Monday and Tuesday, then on Wednesday I was fine. Sadly earlier today I felt really sick again but now I'm better. It's weird, anyways it's made me want to get out and work hard while I'm healthy haha. Another reason why I was motivated
was zone Conference this week. It was super awesome. The focus was really on conversion by the spirit. Everyone was asked to come prepared to give a five minute talk on conversion and then President would pick 4 missionaries to share with everyone. Of course I was one of the four😂 I had it coming, I accidentally made eye contact with
President Townsend before the meeting started....I was like ohhhhh nooooo😂. It was good, but I still do not enjoy speaking in front of people. Anyways I just really felt the spirit a lot and it reminded me of how exciting my time as a missionary is and how I should be enjoying every minute as much as I can. It's made a big difference and it's been exciting! I've grown a lot this week with all my different

One cool experience that I had happened last night. We were driving home from a visit and we saw a bunch of police lights and stuff on this one street. So we stopped and got out and like a ton of people were outside. There was a huge house fire and so everyone was waiting around. Given that 3/4 of them were Hispanic, I was prompted to talk to this family on the side. They were super friendly and we ended up having a good 30 min conversation with them about Christ.  They didn't end up wanting to meet with us but they were really surprised about us and what we believed. They did accept an invitation to the temple Christmas lights though!😁

So the  IPhone we found in the river has some issues and
doesn't work like at all. Sadly there isn't a way to find the owner. Speaking of smartphones our mission is getting them at the end of the month! Its crazy. I'm not sure how I feel about it all.  I also don't know how they are going to do it
with the missionaries who have tablets. I think they are just going to give out a bunch of loaner smartphones for the missionaries who already bought their tablets. That's just my guess, we'll see how it goes. It's exciting because the church is also coming out with a referral system for members on the lds tools app where members can refer anyone at anytime. We as missionaries will have smartphones with data on them which means we can receive the referrals instantly to our
Areabook app and they want us to contact them within the next 15 minutes. It's so cool! The church does such a good job at using technology. I love it! Totally the hand of God in all of this.

Hearing how happy you are makes me super happy too! I know the reason behind our happiness is because we
have the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the center of our lives. To me it just makes sense to live the Gospel always, there is no other way to live that will bring you this much happiness in your life.  Thank you for all of your prayers and support back home. I love you so much and hope you have an awesome week!

Love, Elder Findlay
This blue bench is rad

I updated my facebook profile pic

This grocery cart is right by our house so I
decided to try it out...ha!

mom note: This was texted to me from someone in Mesa. They said they love Elder Findlay and that he is an amazing missionary.  Warms a momma's heart :)

Love, Elder Findlay