Thursday, October 19, 2017

Temple Tuesday- Mesa Week #62

Heyo Momma!

My p-day is today (Tuesday) because we are going to the temple! Sorry I meant to tell you last week but I forgot to. Thank goodness For Sister Brown haha (she is basically our Mom here. She makes us dinner and stuff sometimes) We live with them and she said "Did you tell your Mother that your p-day was on Tuesday?" And I was like no I forgot to. She said "well you can't do that to her so I'm going to message her"😂 I'm really well taken care of here. I hope I don't move places.Thank you... I did get my pants! And they work like a gem. I love them, they look sooooo much nicer than all of my pants now😂 The sun really wears on slacks here.

Your right this month is going by super fast and transfers is a week from today! I'm super excited for it. I'm not sure if I'll stay or leave but it's always exciting! I can't believe it's transfers again though. Time flies by. There are a bunch of missionaries that I'm super close with who are going home next week:/ I'm bummed about it, they were like all of the missionaries that I hung out with in my first few transfers. Now we are some of the older missionaries in the mission, but I feel super new still😂 

The last few days I've really felt a lot of love for my mission and what it's done for me. There have been a lot of homecomings for returned missionaries in our wards. Every time I talk to them they say how much they miss their mission and how badly they want to be back serving. You can obviously tell how much it has changed their lives and how it has become a part of who they are. Just seeing and hearing that makes me love my mission that much more. Even though it is difficult and discouraging sometimes, I LOVE IT! I recommend everyone who has the opportunity to serve a mission to do it. Even if you're scared out of your mind and don't know if you should go, just go. Put your trust in God and let it happen, let him mold and shape you into the person you need to become. 

Jack got some Kyrie 3's?! Man I love shoes so much still😂 You can never have too many right? And he wears 11's now? What the, when did that happen? How tall is he now? What a stud, I miss him a lot. Its going to be weird seeing him all grown up😅You should come up to AZ for UEA! Just not Mesa😝 You can go to Gilbert or something and be next door and still enjoy the weather. It is super nice here. In the mornings we go out and shoot hoops, it's like 65-70 degrees and perfect. Could ask for better weather, I'm going to be soaking it up for the next few months😎 

We had a pretty successful week full of miracles. Lots of great contacts! Sadly we had a bunch of doors slammed in our faces which isn't too normal because we don't usually tract at all. Most of the door slammers were former investigators and less active members.  But yesterday at church we had a non-member couple randomly show up to church and they came up to us and said they want to meet with us! They are from Washington and just moved here. They had been meeting with missionaries there and one of them was almost baptized but then had to move. So we will be meeting with them this week!

Everyday I am more and more grateful for having the knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm so blessed to have it in my life and especially to learn more about it and share it with others. I so wish that I would have taken it more seriously before my mission. I'm a little late but now I know the joy that comes from it all. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know that Christ heals all those who are willing to be healed. It's such a joy!

I love my mission! Its awesome. I hope you have a good week! I love you soooo much! 
Love, Elder Findlay

Temple day with my zone

new tie selfie

This guy is 90 years old!

We got a new car!!! Brand new!
So much better than the Cruz..

This is my good friend Kaleb's old companion. 
He just got home from the Houston Texas east mission, where he served with Kaleb, and lives in one of my wards.  Small world!  

This is the picture Sister Brown texted to let us know that Elder Findlay's p-day was on Tuesday this week.  We really love and appreciate all of the members in Mesa who take such good care of our missionary son. :)