Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Conference Weekend Mesa Week #60!

Hello Momma!!

I feel the same way about Conference as you do! Soooo good. I was able to watch it with a different family each session. Except Priesthood session, we went to the church for that one. I loved Conference this weekend, I don't think I've ever loved Conference so much before! It's really cool to watch it as a missionary, it's just a way different experience. We watched one of the sessions with the Tahiliani family and they are great! They have a huge home theater so I had my own recliner and everything, it was my most luxurious conference by far. I felt the spirit super strong this whole weekend, especially during the last session. I think
Tad R. Callister's talk was my favorite. He is very gifted in his
speech and it's amazing to listen to. His testimony of the Book of Mormon was powerful He's done a bunch of missionary trainings and given talks that I've studied from in the past, but this talk was sooo good! There is no way on earth that the Book of Mormon is not true. No way. I don't care who who are and what you say, Joseph Smith
translated it by divine power from God.

This area is kind of similar to my last area. There isn't too much work going on. So remember I told you I had 4 wards? Well now we only have 3. The YSA Ward dissolved and so the Elders who covered that Ward got one of our wards. It's kind of nice because it's less stressful on Sundays but sadly it was the ward with a ton of work in it, we even had people on
date for baptism. But that's ok because now we get to work harder and start over. I'm pretty excited. Its fun finding people to teach! It gives me a challenge!

We are currently teaching a lady whose husband is an inactive returned missionary. She is on date for baptism but we aren't sure how that will work out. She knows she needs to be baptized, but really the only thing holding her back from being baptized is stage fright. She is just afraid to do the physical baptism. We've also had a really hard time keeping daily contact with her so that has been an obstacle as well.

This week we had our first district meeting. It was really good because our district is awesome! We also had a district service project after at Clyde Bawden's house. (He's a famous LDS pianist and composer). I'm in his ward now😂 He's awesome, he's in the bishopric. Anyways we cleaned up some brush on the side of his long driveway. It was a lot of fun. He was really grateful and so we went to his place today and had pizza and such. I love our district, they are really great missionaries.

Other than that not too much happened. Still trying to get to know members in this area and motivate my comp to work hard! ;). I know that this work is true and there is no place I'd rather be! I love you!

Love, Elder Findlay

The kind of homes in our's really nice here

Dodge Viper...I would drive it ;)