Thursday, July 27, 2017

Monsoon- Mesa Week #50

Hey Everyone!
Woah  I've been out here for 50 weeks? I had no idea😂 Man the weather this week was sooo nice. It has rained a ton here. Monsoon season decided to come early this year I guess. When it rains here it rains buckets! Yesterday we felt like we were driving in a river. Water was shooting out the side of our car, I felt like I was boating😂 And thanks to the cloudy skies and little break from the sun I did have a lot more energy this week. 

This week was pretty good considering that everyone is still out of town. Here is a little update with Al, he had a pretty rough week and so we went over and helped him around his house on Saturday morning. We talked to him for a while and got his spirits back up again! Then after we were done at his house he came to a baptism with us! He said he felt the spirit really strong there and so we are hoping he can keep that spirit with him as he continues to prepare for baptism! 

A brother from the ward took us to Chili's for lunch one day, I hadn't been there since I was home. Anyways he has been coming to church for 16 years, has a calling, believes that the Book of Mormon is true, and he still won't be baptized. He's a super awesome guy, he just needs some time I guess. So technically we could consider him an investigator but not really😂 one day he'll do it!

I did have a week full of great experiences! Not a lot of dramatic ones but little ones here and there. We are trying to be creative with our finding since we have 1 investigator to teach. President pretty much gave us the green light for anything we can think of that would allow us to talk to more non-members. He said we could even do a lemonade stand😂 So we are thinking of activities/events that would allow that. Whatever it is it just has to be in line with the Las Sendas rules. We are thinking about doing a genealogy event, kind of a non-denominational feel to it so we don't scare everyone away. But that's still in the process of being put together. 

Thanks to my family for all of the support! It really helps me focus on my purpose and my conversion. I am currently trying to strengthen and enhance my testimony of the Book of Mormon and it has been awesome. I've learned a lot from what I've studied and I can feel the power that comes from it. I know that the Lord is helping me with that. Thanks to all for sharing your personal experiences with conversion!  We can never have a perfect testimony, that's why we have this life to build it and strengthen it as much as we can before the Savior comes again😁 

Sunday was a lot of fun! Everything was pioneer themed which was cool. Some sisters in the ward asked us to tell some pioneer stories in primary sharing time. So we dressed up as pioneers with our hats and bandanas and told stories! Haha it was a blast, I love primary! 

We also met with one of the high school seminary presidents and had a meeting with them. We are now helping kids get registered for seminary. It gives us an excuse to go into less-active families homes in a non-threatening way, sort of😂 Anyways it was cool to work with the seminary and feel the spirit that seminary teachers have. They are awesome!

Sorry I don't have lots of crazy experiences to tell haha. We are just trying to keep busy in the area. One day we will find someone else to teach! I know the Lord will help us!
Have an awesome week!
Love, Elder Findlay
Elder Findlay and Elder Karren
 at a members house for dinner.

Beautiful day!

This video is a little taste of the crazy rain we've been having!