Monday, July 17, 2017

Good Times! Mesa Week #49

What a great week here in the city of Mesa! It was really nice as far as the weather goes. It was partly cloudy, a trickle of rain, and lots of thunderstorms! It had seriously been like 4 weeks since I had seen a single cloud in the sky😂 I don't know what it was about this week but I was just beyond tired every single day. The heat and the sun really take it out of you. I haven't been that tired since my first transfer. But it's a good feeling to come home exhausted knowing that you had a hard earned day! So many good things are happening within the wards that we cover that are going to bring forth much fruit! The Lord has really blessed us with opportunities to help members share the gospel with their friends!

I was able to go on exchanges with Elder Child this week! It was fun to be back together again, like the good ole times. We pretty much just picked up right where we left off. We both talked a lot about how much we had changed since we had been together. Even though it was only one transfer we both changed a ton! It was good to see the progress! We visited some awesome families and had good success with helping them share the gospel to their friends.

I was able to have an interview with President Townsend on Wednesday morning and it was great! I love P-Towny, he's such a caring person. We talked a lot about my area. Since everything is gated it is difficult for us to find people to teach. We aren't allowed to knock doors or proselytize. I told him that the area has so much potential, we just need to be creative with the Lords help. I also said that I love the area a lot, which I really do, and that I know that there are some things I still need to do before I leave. I think he was kind of surprised, he said it would be difficult but if that's what I wanted he would leave me there for a while. So I'm expecting to stay here for the next few months at least! I'm really excited about that. Although there isn't much work going on, the members are amazing! Seriously these people have such a strong love for each other and the gospel. And I've grown to love them so much! There are a handful of families here that feel like family away from family. I'm such a blessed missionary!😝

Here is the latest with our investigator A. He is doing well! He did struggle a little bit reading and praying everyday this week so in our last lesson with him we read the Book of Mormon with him. It really helped him a lot when we were there helping him understand things he had questions on. But with time and faith he'll be able to understand it better, I know it!😁 Still on track for baptism in August!

We did help Matt paint the rest of his bus this week! It was actually really fun this time! It doesn't look as ghetto anymore. But we are still painting it that lime green color so it will stand out a lot. His dog Gonja kept getting bit by rattlesnakes so she just chilled under the bus the whole time, normally she plays with us. Its always a new adventure when we go to his place👍

So I know Jack went to EFY this week, Brother Holt (a member in Mesa) emailed me a picture with Jack and Brother Holts nephew in it! I was like Hey man that's my brotha! Small world, Jack looked like he was having a good time👍! And man he is so prepared for a mission! I can't wait to see where he goes someday. He has such a strong testimony, and he's really good at living what he believes. I look up to him a lot for that. 

You get to go tour the new MTC! No way!! I'm jealous of those new missionaries that get to stay there!  After being on a mission for about a year you just want to go to the MTC all over again. I loved it so much there! It was a super cool experience that I will always remember. I still feel like I was dropped off yesterday😂

Well Momma I have to say goodbye for another week😭 I love you sooo much! Your such a huge blessing in my life! I always pray for our family and I know that the Lord is taking care of you! Have a great week! I LOVE YOU!❤️
Love, Elder Findlay

The sunsets here!

Living it up in the Mesa mission