Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 34- Baptism + General Conference = Awesome Week!

Hey Mom!!

Yeah I'm super excited for the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple! We are allowed to go only if we bring our investigators, and lucky us we have a lot of investigators that can go with us!!😁 And that's super funny that the Cederlofs got to see those missionaries! I love them! They are in my zone, it was Elder Bird and Fitisemanu and then Sister Talbot and Csolity! Fitisemanu is the bast haha! And Sister Csolity is from Hungary and she is the first Hungarian missionary to ever go out the country for a mission. Pretty cool. It was good to see some familiar faces!

Well this week was a little bit slower but it was great! So many good things happened and I was on a spiritual high for a long time! The start of the week was pretty slow but it picked up a little bit after transfer stuff was over. We found a new investigator named Jordan. He is pretty awesome, he grew up in Utah and then moved down here to AZ. In all of his time in Utah he never sat down and talked with the missionaries, and that's about to change! We are going to meet with him this week and we are super excited for it! The guy is really open to our message.

On Wednesday night we got to go to the Visitors center with Sister
Arrington, a recent convert, and watch the new Joseph Smith films.
They are soooo good. They were just released to the Visitors center.
It's funny because they only showed them in Palmyra at the Visitors
center there and I actually got to watch them at the MTC with special permission😝 Anyways they are about the translation of The Book of Mormon told from the views of Oliver Cowdry and David Whitmer. It strengthened my testimony so much seeing how much faith these two menhad. Their dedication was full and to the Lord. I'm not sure if the videos are released anywhere else but if they are check them out! I think it's called Days of Harmony!

Friday was a really special day. Our investigator Theresa got baptized and it was the most spiritual baptism I've ever been to. Seeing someone you've taught for 3 months enter the waters of baptism is one of the greatest joys I've ever felt. Leading up to it she was super super nervous because she isn't a people person (kinda shy, like me😂) Nonetheless her testimony is super strong and especially her testimony of Joseph Smith. I've never met someone so willing and open to hear the true message of Jesus Christ. During the baptismal service ma boy Elder Eaton came and he played a simple piano piece of I am a Child of God and holy frijoles...the spirit filled the room and that set the tone for the remainder of the baptism! And I am so grateful because I had the wonderful privilege of baptizing her. It's something I will never forget. I know that these are the kind of people that I am supposed to be meeting. I know and felt that the Lord was rejoicing during that baptism!😇

Saturday was bomb! It was actually really tiring but really spiritual.
As a missionary conference is 100x different than watching it back
home. It flies by. We watched it at a bunch of members houses which was a lot of fun! ! I loved Elder Eyrings talk on Saturday morning. He said that we are all gatherers, gatherers of Gods family. It is so true. This work is for the members and missionaries. It is glorious and amazing. Man there are so many of the talks that I could just talk about forever. This conference was soooo good, every word spoken was inspired from God and touched the hearts of millions including mine. I'm not sure if it's okay to pick a favorite talk but S. Mark Palmers talk was my absolute favorite. Every word he spoke was as if  he was talking directly to me. He talked a lot about becoming the person the Lord wants you to be. Its taken me a while to realize that when you are a missionary you don't have to change who you are. Yeah you change your thoughts and actions for the better but need to keep your personality the same. There are specific people who will only relate to you and
your personality. This ties in with what Elder Holland was saying "The Lord desires you to sing in your own voice, not someone else's. Believe in yourself."

Today we have a pretty good p-day planned out, we are going golfing again and it's gonna be sweet. The weather has been REALLY nice these last few days, I'm loving it! But in a few weeks the heat will be here. So I'm preparing myself for that and another awesome week! I love you so much Momma! You're the best! Hope you have an awesome week! love you!😁

Love, Elder Findlay
The highlight of the week...Theresa's baptism day.  I love them!

Yeah, we golf in our apartment ;)

First gen Dodge pic for dad

So many blossoms! My allergies are going insane!

You heard it from the man!


Me and Jedi watching conference together

(Mom note) And here is proof that Elder Findlay's personality hasn't changed much...still a goofball... haha