Monday, April 10, 2017

Easter Pageant! Mesa Week #35

Heyo Mom!

Thanks for sending a package! I will probably go and get it today sometime. We are going golfing again today so I'm stoked about that. This morning we got our hair cut and got some other things done. Right now we are at Walmart shopping, Elder Child is buying a bike here so we are trying to get that done. Not sure how Walmart bikes are but I guess we'll see😂

What a week! With the Easter Pageant going on, things have been really busy and fun! I know your wanting to know about the Pageant and it was sooooo good! Such a great environment for everyone to be there. It is seriously really well put together, so we will have to come down to it as a
family when I get back for sure😊 It's great because the people who are in it are called and set apart as cast members and it takes a lot of time with practices and set up. I saw a lot of people from my last area in it dressed as like Shepards and other biblical people and it was fun to see them! Plus they use real animals in it. Brother McMillan has his miniature horse in it and a bunch of baby lambs. It was so cool, even Jesus rode a donkey😂 I attached some pictures and stuff...

We had a mission conference all day Friday which is super unusual. Normally only a few zones meet but this time the whole mission was there. It was unplanned because Brent H. Nielsen of the missionary department kind of made a surprise visit😂 He is the one who headed the new missionary schedule change and he and his wife were awesome! His wife talked a lot about getting along with your companion and doing all you can to help them feel successful. Elder Nielsen talked a lot about the enabling and redeeming power of the Atonement and it was awesome! He also focused a lot on member missionary work. Really we should be working with members a lot because that's how the work gets
done down here. It really changed my perspective on the missionary work that goes on in Mesa. He said that we should be having at least 3 member lessons every night so we need to do a better job at that one😂

This next week we are going to the Pageant every night with some investigators and less active members. I love it so much I'm going to soak it up as much as I can until next year! I'm also going on a bunch of exchanges as well this week so it will go by super fast like this last week. Seriously I felt like I was going to bed every few hours, it's weird how the mish does that to you.

With Easter coming up this next week I've been thinking a lot about the Atonement. How great it is and how blessed we are to have it in our lives. When I think about Christ praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, while his apostles were asleep and God had to withdraw his spirit from Christ for some time I can only imagine just how alone He must have felt.   I know that Christ has felt my pain, my guilt, my emotions, and even things that I haven't yet felt in my life. How did he do it? A lot of people ask us that question. He did it out of love, that's how he did it. He loves us all so much and doesn't want us to suffer through this life. He paved the path for us and asks us to follow Him and be happy. I love this gospel. I love the patience that Christ has for me and I know that through him I can be healed. The Book of Mormon is true! Read from it as much as you can!😁 I love you Mom, I can always feel your love wherever I go and it's awesome! Hope you have an amazing week!

Love Elder Findlay

Silhouette of Mesa's palm trees

Missionaries get reserved seating at the Pageant if we bring investigators.  We are just special like that ;)

VIP haha

Random flower pic

This is what happens when you go to church
from 6:30-4:30 every Sunday.  Wears you out! :)

Arizona Mesa Missionaries!
Elder Findlay is in the middle on the 3rd row from the top.

I tried biking the whole street in my lowest gear...haha!

  Best part of the Pageant!