Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Pageant Part 2!- Week 36

What up Mom!

Yeah I did get your package and I LOVE the ties and shirt you sent! Everything was just great. It felt just like home! Thank you!!

What a week, flew by as usual! It was full of exchanges and the Easter Pageant! I just have to say that I am super bummed that it is over now. Even though I saw it 5 times I wish I could see it more! It's just so well done and you really feel the spirit when you watch and listen to it. I know it helped me a lot with my testimony of Christ. There was something a member told me a while back that has stuck with me ever since. He said that a lot of times the sacrifice and Atonement of Jesus Christ gets viewed as a story. People view it as a story all to often. He said that the atonement is not a fable. It is a real thing that happened. The Easter Pageant helped me put that into perspective, that Christ really did go through so much just for me. And for you. And for everyone. That is how REAL it is and how REAL He is.

So on Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Higham in his area. We had a good day! Some members took us to Five Guys for lunch and it was just as good as I remembered it. Then we made some visits and stuff and no one answered their doors. It was hot and no one wanted to talk. That's not the best feeling ever but it was made up by the Pageant that night. We went with a recent convert family and they were great. And I see that you got the text from your friend Camille! Yeah I finally met her haha! She came up to me practically screaming and said "there you are!!" Haha it kind and of freaked me out at first. I was like oh man what did I do😂 but then she explained and we had a good talk haha! She seemed pretty awesome. Then after the Pageant we got Bosa donuts which are amazing and walked home. It was a really great night.

Wednesday we went to the Easter Pageant with our investigator David. He has been having a lot of trouble committing to baptism because he is 65 years devote catholic. Its hard for him to consider the change because he's been raised so differently his whole life. As he watched
the Pageant you could see tears going down his face and he was really feeling the spirit. We have a lesson with him this next week and we will see what happens!

On Thursday I went on exchanges with Elder Quist in his area and it was super awesome! We had a really cool lesson that day actually! We taught a young man named Sang-ho. He is from Korea and is super cool. He doesn't speak very good English so we had a returned missionary from Korea help with translation and stuff like that. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and we had to teach it in simple simple words. When I was doing that I just felt the spirit a lot stronger. So did Sang-ho. It was really cool. He had such good questions and thoughts and experiences with the spirit. He will get
baptized I'm sure. Oh and that morning we laid grass in someone's back yard practically by ourselves. That was exhausting haha! I was tired he rest of the day😴

Friday we went to the Easter Pageant with Brother Briceno and his family. They are a part member family and his girlfriend bought us pizza and cupcakes and all the goodies you could think of. I feel super fat😂 I've had so much junk food in the last few days ha! Anyways it was pretty awesome.

Saturday night was the last night of the Pageant and we got to go and guess what? Yeah we got front row seats! It was sooooo bomb, the Tapias came with us and we had a great time. Honestly there is just one part in the whole play that get my tears going and that's when all the children are singing and playing with Jesus. Just the sweetest thing you'll see. I don't know if you can get music from the Easter
Pageant but could you see if that is even possible? I love it so much and would love to have the music for it! Thanks Momma!

I had a cool experience last p-day. I ran into a family from my first area at the mall. Carlos, the Dad, was an inactive member so me and Elder G worked with him a lot and got him coming to church. We then started to get to know his family. His wife Cherri and 3 boys, Brandon, Cody, and Anthony. When he started to come to church we began to teach Cherri and she was doing great. Really beginning to open up. They even invited us to their wedding haha, idk if you remember the
pictures😂 It was moving along. Sadly we got transferred during that:/ back to running to them in the mall Cherri told me that she, her sister, Cody, and Brandon are all getting baptized in a couple of weeks. I cannot tell how good of a feeling it is to hear that. Sooo cool!

So for Easter yesterday we had dinner with the Iurato family and they are the best. We had super bowl dinner at their houses too and it was nothing short of amazing. We had a pork roast and turkey and all sorts of stuff! They had all of their kids over with their grandkids and it seriously felt like home. It was kid chaos like our whole family! Sister Iurato shared a message with us which was nice because we normally do the message sharing. Anyways we watched the Prince of Peace video which is super inspirational, and she talked about the resurrection with all the grandkids. Good times!

Well I hope you have a week full of happiness! Thank you for your love and prayers! I love you! 

Me and my boy Elder Higham

Zone Swag

Stage view at the pageant

District pic

My mom's BYU roommate Camille found me at the pageant!