Wednesday, December 13, 2017

It's Merry in Mesa! Week#70

Hi Momma!

Yeah last week was a little crazy, and this week was just about as crazy in some ways. I again saw so many blessings and miracles happen! We had a lot of success with our investigators and the work is moving along really well 😊 

As far as the trio is going, well it’s kind of not now😂 I emailed President Townsend on Monday and told him that I had never been in a tripanionship before so I was excited to see what happens, I then asked what advice he could give me. The morning of transfers, which was on Tuesday, I got a response from him saying that I wouldn’t be in a tripanionship anymore because an Elder from our mission was going home early😭 He was in our district and had only been out for six weeks. So Elder Landbeck will now be be Elder Orse’s new companion. I was super sad, I love that missionary that went home. Funniest missionary I’ve ever met😂  So me and Elder Draper are still going at it together. But now we have 3 beds in our room. They basically told us to keep it for the transfer. There’s literally nowhere to put it so it just takes up space. I’ve tried pushing it up to my bed and make it a king size😂 Yeah that doesn’t work...oh well.

We had first lessons with a few of our investigators this week. Our first one was with Melissa, she went to the Christmas Lights and asked for missionaries to come by and teach her. So we finally met with her and she is AMAZING. She knows hardly anything about religion, even anything about Jesus Christ. Why He is important, what He can do for us, what He has done for us. It was cool to teach about Christ in such a simple way that even a child could understand it, and that’s how we taught Melissa. She really enjoyed it and since then has been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon everyday! We have really high hopes for her😊

We also found a new part-member Family, the Karazcos, in the area that no one knew about! They are a younger couple who have been inactive for most of their lives. Well this week they came to church! And to the ward Christmas party! On top of that her brother, Newton, is like 20 years old. We started teaching him and he wants to be baptized so bad. So we scheduled a baptism for him on January 13th! Hopefully we can help him meet that date. He really wants it and I know God does too😁

I played pool with that inactive member again, it was the most drunk I’d ever seen him. He was falling all over the place and singing as loud as he could. We try to get some spiritual stuff in but he is never in the right mindset to hear. But we almost got him to come to the Christmas party! We are making progress little by little! At the end of our visit he comes up to me and gives the biggest hug and says I love you😂 If you knew him and how he sounds when he talks you would die of laughter, he’s a funny dude! I would be sooo happy to see him become active again. We're going to keep working on him.

I saw that Sister Kenny went to our house haha, she sent me a picture with you guys! It’s weird thinking that she’s back in Pleasant View. Yeah she was in my district her last transfer, so the last six weeks. I served by her in my first area and then never saw her until this last transfer. But it was a super fun transfer haha, good memories. 

So I will be talking to you guys on Christmas which I believe is on a Monday. Not sure what time we will do it yet, it’s too far to tell right now. We are going to be with the Garners on Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years so we are taken care of pretty well this year😇 

I will look for your 12 Days package this week, thanks mom! :) Thanks for everything you do for me Mom! You are such a saint! I hope everyone has a good week. I love this season, I love my mission, and I love my Savior Jesus Christ! #LightTheWorld

Love, Elder Findlay
Some Nativities at the Temple Lights

Our Christmas set up.

My boy Salem (Elder Karren...a previous comp)
was back in Mesa for a few days!

This is TJ. It was cool because Salem came back and
 we were all reunited. Hopefully he gets baptized soon. 

My boy Elder Thompson and Jake on the left