Thursday, December 28, 2017

Hello Again :) From Merry Mesa! Week #72

Hey Mom! Long time no talk! I hope the rest of your Christmas was good! After talking with you guys I remembered how much I miss you😂 I really enjoyed talking with everyone, you all seem super happy so that’s a good thing. I have the BEST family ever for the record.

 We went over to the Tahiliani’s house after talking with you guys and hung out there for a while. Sister T made a HUGE buffet for us and it was amazing. She is a saint. We played some pool there and hung out with the “Baller” missionaries😂 After that we went back to the Garners and played games with their family, it was a lot of fun. And then they fed us dinner, which was super super good. We would be a wreck without the Garners😜 

Singing at the Temple Christmas Lights was super cool. Literally I was freezing😐 No it was a really fun experience, you could feel the spirit so strong. I think we sounded good for the most part, did you guys watch it on Facebook? (Mom note: It's on the Mesa Temple Christmas Lights and Concerts page on Facebook if you want to see it)  I haven’t looked at the videos yet, not sure if you can see me. They were using an Ipad to film it. We sang for about 30 minutes and then kind of hung out at the Christmas lights afterwards. Sad to think it will be my last time singing in that choir:( That’s okay, I’m not that good of singer anyways😂

I went on a few exchanges this week, I went to a different area twice. It was a lot of fun minus biking in the cold. I didn’t enjoy that very much but I survived it. I’m more of a whimp than I thought. We biked actually a ton and I kind of missed it! I’m sort of looking forward to biking again. Anyways when I went with Elder Orse we went to a Christmas Adam Party. They had a plethora of food and deserts. I about passed out from how much I ate. They also convinced us to sing carols with them while riding on a trailer through the neighborhood. That was pretty fun, I really felt the spirit of Christ as we sang to people and they gratefully waved back at us. Cool experience.  We also had interviews with President Townsend. It was a good time. 

Coming up on 2018 it blows my mind that it’s already here. The year went by too fast. I hope you cherish every moment of life like I try to do haha. It’s seriously such a blessing to be living in a time like we do where we have the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth. We are some of the luckiest of Gods children. We should be engulfing ourselves in the Book of Mormon and serving others. That’s where the true joy comes from. Thanks for being the BEST! I love you sooo much and it was so good to talk to your face. I hope you have an awesome week! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Love, Elder Findlay


We loved talking to our favorite missionary on Christmas.
 He is very happy in Mesa!


Christmas Eve! A gift from the Garners

This was Sister T's dessert table!
Super fancy and there was SOOOO much food!

My boy Elder Parsons! He goes home in January :(