Thursday, December 21, 2017

7 Days Until My 2nd Christmas in Mesa! Week #71

Hey Mom!

I know 1 week! Super excited to talk to you guys. We will be at the Garners house for Christmas too. We will call you sometime in the morning like around 11:30. I will message Dad on messenger to get everything set up. I will most likely be doing from my iPad again. 

We had a really good week LAST week. THIS WEEK wasn’t as successful. It was actually pretty rough. Sometimes it's hard to keep things going during the holidays.  We had like 8 lessons fall through in a row. Melissa ended up dropping us because she is just too busy to make time to meet with us for now. And another one of our investigators had to be dropped because of the lack of commitment. It’s been hard but Heavenly Father blessed us with a miracle this weekend! We received a referral of a gentlemen named Bill. He is about 50 years old and just decided to check out the Visitors Center on Saturday. He said he wasn't looking for anything specific but he just felt like he needed to go in. The sisters ended up talking with him and then referred him to us. We met with him at the Visitors Center yesterday after church and it was soooo good. He is super sincere and really wants to change his life and follow God more closely. When I taught him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, he was speechless and the spirit definitely testified to him of the truth of these things. It’s been a while since I’ve taught someone that sincere, I really hope he can be baptized! Well I mean I hope that for everyone but seriously it would be a miracle. 

That’s sweet that Brooke is putting in her papers! Crazy crazy. Life goes by too fast sometimes. Once this year is over time is going to even go faster😭

Sorry for the short email. We had a really long choir practice today for the Temple Christmas lights concert. If you want you can even watch it live on this Facebook page:

Mesa Temple Christmas lights and concerts

That’s if you want to see me sing terribly😂 it should be pretty good. I did get the Christmas package with the 12 days of Christmas. We’ve been doing it every night and it’s been fun😂 Thanks Momma, I will look for my package tomorrow. I have to go to the mission office tomorrow anyways. Sorry again for the super lame email. I just had hardly any time to email today. Tell Dad I loved his email and that I can’t wait to see him next week! I love you Mom. You are the best. Talk to ya next week!
Love, Elder Findlay
The Garners spoil us every Sunday
 with a PRIME lunch😂

We had zone Conference this week and
each missionary got a gift bag. Guess
who it was from? Yeah Citrus Heights Stake,
my last area. They are very generous😂

Part of our area, it’s sketchy at night haha😂