Thursday, February 23, 2017

A New Start- Week 28

Heyo! Its good to hear from you, I needed it especially this week.This week with my new companion Elder Child was really fun! He's a pretty funny dude, he was actually homeschooled so he didn't know anyone I know from Box Elder. Elder Watmough went
home on Tuesday last week which was sad and then Elder Quist and his new companion moved out of our place. Elder Calio and Elder Higham are nour new roommates. I love them both haha, I came out with Elder Higham. Its a party! And Elder Eaton went to the Kimball Stake down south a couple of streets. I still see him a little bit.

We do cover 3 wards now, 12th, 34th, and 60th wards. So or Sundays are packed full of church and meetings. Yesterday was Stake conference which was great! It was really good. The speakers were really good! It turns out Tiana, we baptized her in the beginning of January, spoke at conference and it was sooo good! She's awesome! The world needs more members like her. We have the B family who are coming close to baptism, the only thing really holding them back is Brother B has some problems with the Word of Wisdom so it will take some time. Other than that we have a bunch of investigators but they just aren't keeping commitments.We'll just keep working at it!

Wednesday was pretty crazy, we had a bunch of lessons! We first had a lesson with a lady (name withheld) and we had it at Burger King haha.We taught her about agency and how there is a purpose to everything that happens. She then went of on like 10 or 15 anti questions just randomly. Things like polygamy, drugs, same sex marriage, and all other sorts of stuff. We could tell that she wasn't looking to learn, so for our next lesson we are going to establish our purpose as missionaries and see if she I really looking to come closer to God.

This week was so off and went by sooooooo slow. Sad to say it but it was probably the worst week of my mission:/ On Wednesday I got really sick and I was all achey and had a pretty bad fever. It kept me up all night and I woke up exhausted the next day. I didn't really know what to do so I went out as usual, and the biking didn't help at all haha. On Thursday I was just feeling wasted but I still went out and did the usual. On Friday it was pretty bad so Sister Clifford (mission nurse) said that I should rest so that's what we've done for the last three days including today. Turns out it was strep. Although we did go out tonight, I couldn't stay another minute in the apartment, and we found a new investigator! Not bad considering how the week went. Anyways I really hope I start feeling better!

Anyways all summed up not much stuff happened because I was sick, but this week will be a lot better! I know that it's supposed to warm up this week so we'll see how that goes! I love you a lot Mom and keep praying for you and everyone! Love you!

Love, Elder Findlay

Here is a video from a little while ago.  This was an old missionary record player they used in Argentina. Bro. H. is our ward mission leader and he's the best!


Me and Elder Child
He's a goof, haha, love this dude

This was our last P-day before transfers