Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 38

What's good Momma! I can't believe I'm writing you again. The weeks are going by way too fast. I can't keep up with it haha. This week we had interviews with President Townsend and it was really good. I also went on exchanges with my Zone Leader Elder Campbell and we had a party. We found a ton of good investigators and are now teaching them
pretty frequently.

I can't believe I'm writing you again, seriously the weeks feel like days and the days feel like hours. Its like time doesn't even exist anymore😂 I had interviews with my mission President this last week, President Townsend, and I asked him if I was getting transferred because I have been in this area for a while. He said that it will most likely happen. So I have probably another week here and then I get to start in a new area! I'm kind of excited, I need a change of scenery. I will miss the people in this area though, I love them so so

For our p-day activity we just got done golfing 18 holes at Longbow Golf Course which was super chill. It's seriously a top notch course and we get to golf for free. Free carts and holes. To play 18 holes here it's like 120 bucks. But it's owned by a member so we get to play for free :) I played pretty good. Towards the end I was hitting the ball a lot better. And Brother Kennedy lets us use his clubs, he's a super nice guy. Apparently we are like super tan and a little burnt because of it haha!

Earlier this week we met a guy on the street who turns out to be a member. He hasn't gone to church since he got home from his mission and he came on Sunday! He is a former professional MMA fighter and he has the belts to prove it. He's super jacked and you can tell he's been hit quite a but😂 he's a funny dude, he took us to get slurpees!

We also met this young lady. Her name is Terrion. She is seriously the kindest person I've met here in Mesa and we just had our first lesson with her last night. And she actually read the things we asked her to do!! That is seriously a first. She read the restoration pamphlet and loved it. She practically taught us the lesson. She is the prime example of a
golden investigator. We will be teaching her again this next week and so I know she will get baptized soon😊

All in all things are going great when it comes to the work. We are staying really busy and are seeing things pick up again. Oh and we got pizza for dinner like 5 times this week. Its pretty great😂 But with all the great food we get I think since I've been out I've only gained like 1 pound. So idk if I will come back any bigger, probably not😂

Also I loved your email about the youth conference Mom! That's super great that the ward did that! (Youth conference serving refugee families in Salt Lake) Some of the pictures looked like you guys were on a mission going door to door. That's super sweet. I love that because that will prepare the youth for their missions one day! My love for the gospel grows and grows every day. The work definitely doesn't get easier but it's rewarding at the end of the day. Its great
to see the people change and also the change in myself.

Well I hope you have a great week! 
Love, Elder Findlay

Loving p-day in the desert

Love these Arizona Sunsets

My friend Mike. He's awesome

Ma Brotha...