Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Gettin hotter...Week 32

Hey! This week was awesome other than the heat haha!
Tuesday night was pretty fun, we went to Brother LeBarons house to help with mountain man, which is like a scout adventure camp thing. Anyways they were making like knife cases and bags and all sorts of other things out of leather. Bro LeBaron has a big leather shop. So there is a member in the ward and she is married to a non member and he comes to church every single week. Has been for years and years. He won't get baptized though. He's like the funniest dude and loves the church he just won't meet with missionaries and get baptized. So anyways he is in the deacons quorum presidency and he was helping with the leather and everything. We were there for him and just getting to know him more. By the end of the night we were pretty much best
friend😂 he's such a good person, so who knows what will end up

On Wednesday I went on exchanges with Elder Austin in his area and that was fun! We had a party, I love that kid. We had district meeting that morning and I gave a training on how to use the Book of Mormon to answer the questions or concerns that our investigators might have. It was pretty good, but I'm done with giving trainings for the rest of the transfer thank goodness😂 Anyways and then we had like a little zone pump up Meeting. That was pretty fun. We are trying to meet our goal for finding and so we are all trying to get hyped to meet that. We had Barros pizza for dinner which was good, love Barros. Its like a local pizza place that the bomb. Anyways then we went on YSA splits which is always fun, I've been on splits with them in that ward so much because I've been on so many exchanges. So I know the YSA members
pretty well. Anyways we had a perfectly set up lesson😂 so there's a
potential investigator in their area whose name is M. Well they have had some trouble getting to teach him. So we thought for a minute and came up with this plan. We would go knock on his door and see how he was doing. Then say "can I ask you a weird question? Can I use your bathroom?" So elder Austin used that one which got us in his apartment! The next step of the plan was that when we get inside and ,Elder Austin goes to the bathroom, then I would teach the restoration to M. Turns out that when we got inside he had two other friends there. So I just started getting to know them and taught the restoration and it was run solely by the spirit. When I talked about the first vision you could just see the tears in everyone's eyes. It was probably the most
powerful lesson I've ever been in. So we ended up finding 3 new investigators! That was so sweet!

On Friday we had a lesson with Sister B who is an investigator and it went so good! She was scheduled to be baptized on April 29th and during the lesson I received a prompting that said she is ready and that she needs to enter the waters of baptism as soon as she can. So we moved her date up to April 2nd! So we are super excited for her! She is awesome and will make a faithful member!

All in all it's been an awesome week. I've seen the Lords hand in
every day that I go through. I love you all so much!

p-day fun!

Cool sky

This is how I feel about the MARCH!!!