Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Miracles 2K18 :) Week #74

Hey Mom!

Sorry I forgot that this week was our temple week, so we we got to go to the temple today. That’s why I didn’t email you yesterday. Week one of 2018 is gone just like that. Honestly it was a little slow but it still flew by. The days were long but the week was not, that's part of the missionary life. With President Monson’s passing and then running into crazy people all week, it was a roller coaster. But it was one of the most unforgettable weeks I’ve had here. Again I saw the hand of God in this work, and He did what He does best, work miracles. 

There is a couple in our ward, The Montgomery’s, who we have been working with. We’ve been helping them prepare to go to the temple for a while now so that they can be sealed as a family. I’m excited to say that this week they were able to do that! We were allowed to attend and it was such a special experience for them and for me. It was the first sealing that I had ever been to. Sitting in that room I felt the spirit so strongly testify to me that this is why you are out teaching people about the Book of Mormon and the Restored Gospel, so they can eventually partake in the blessings of the Holy Temple. It helped me understand my purpose more deeply than I had before. It makes me that much more eager to share this with people. It also makes me so grateful that my parents chose to be sealed in the House of the Lord. Because of them and their decision, I am sealed with them for all eternity and I want that for my future family as well. 

We finally got to meet with our investigator Bill this week! He got back from his trip and still wanted to meet with us, that was a good sign. We met at the Visitors Center and had a great lesson on the Plan of Salvation. It helped answer a lot of the questions he had been bringing up. Plus he’s already read 40 pages of the Book of Mormon😂 This guy is the man! I’ve never seen someone more excited than him about coming to church. And that’s exactly what he did! He came all dressed up in his white shirt and jeans, he was looking slick. I’m not going to lie, it’s kind of scary having a fairly new investigator come to church for the first time on a fast Sunday. You never know what people might time a guy started talking about Kolob....oh boy....that really took our investigator for a spin😅 Anyways I was nervous the whole time and was praying so hard that Bill would feel the spirit and enjoy it. I don’t even know why I worried about it, he had an amazing experience. He loved church and especially the people there. He says he feels like he has a lot of support here. He already acts like a member haha, he was participating in the classes more than anyone else😂 In Elders Quorum he said that the Book of Mormon was true and how could it not be? Everyone chuckled and agreed with him and it was a good time. In our next lesson with we are going to invite him to be baptized and I hope it goes well:) I’ve never taught someone more open in my life, he is an elect son of God who is ready to hear the Gospel. Bill is the kind of investigators missionaries dream about.

Ready for another one?😂 We have been working with an inactive couple, the Carrazcos. They have been coming to church every week now and today they stayed the whole three hours! They loved it. It was really cool because Sister Carrazco got up in sacrament and shared her testimony. She talked about how she was praying one night because they had been struggling so much that she couldn’t handle it anymore. She prayed that God would help her find her way back. She said after she had finished praying she heard a knock on the door and it was Me and Elder Draper. She knew that this was Heavenly Father showing her that He was still there for her, and and that He would help them get back on the path. On my end of the story, that night I felt prompted to go by there and see how they were doing, we ended up actually teaching them a lesson but we didn’t think too much about it. It was cool to hear that we were an answer to someone’s prayer. I know that God answers prayers through people around us. I have been able to experience that time and time again. 

Another exciting thing that happened this week was that we were in a car accident :( it wasn’t bad at all. We pulled up behind a car at a stop sign. He was turning left and started to go but then changed his mind and backed up without thinking about it and bumped into our car. His car was fine considering that it was a beater, ours got a few cracks in the front bumper. And I was driving uhhhggg, that’s the second wreck I’ve been in on my mission that HASN'T been my fault. The only two wrecks of my life, people in Mesa are crazy drivers. I’m not a bad driver, I’m actually really good😜 I take after my Dad😁 Anyways the guy was super kind and basically said that because he is military that they will pay for all of the damages. It was pretty simple. But man I was so upset for like 3 days. Now I feel better though haha😂 

And yeah thanks,  I really like the new headboard for my bed! Looks super good. I forgot how good my room looks. Yep I would like it to be the same when I get home, especially my sports memorabilia😜 a lot of things have changed while on my mission, but the way I feel about sports has not😂 

Alright I’m done writing my novel again, I’m so happy here. I learn so much everyday and get to see miracles left and right. Thanks for all you do Mom! I love you more than you will ever know, have a good week! 
Love, Elder Findlay
We played this game called "Who's the Dude?"
This was the dude 😆

Yep, I'm definitely spoiled.
(a member's Lamborghini)

Waiting for investigators got me like....

Part of our area. It was a perfect day