Monday, November 21, 2016

Transfer News Week #15

Heyo beautiful mother! How are things going? How is the wedding coming along? Thanksgiving is coming up this week!  Man I'm going to miss your orange rolls very very much! I would be super lucky if I had them on Thanksgiving. What have you been up to in your days? Anything out of the ordinary? Getting cold I'm assuming?😂 yes I got your package! Thank you so much! It was perfect timing because the night I got it was suuuuuppppeeerrr chilly. Just because we are on bikes and that makes it kind of cold, but not with my jacket now! 

(I asked him about his mission president)...
President Townsend is such a good person. He and I are really close. He is all for repentance. Teach repentance and baptize converts. He isn't really strict on rules because he wants us to make the right choice on our own. If you ask a question he'll say "well what does the white handbook say?" He then lets us determine the best thing to do according to the handbook. It is awesome how supportive he is of everyone. He and his wife are really nice, they are actually from Washington. I want you to meet them eventually!

So this week has been a blur. Transfers are on Tuesday and it's going to be CRAZY! That's the day I am going to the Gilbert Temple for Sister Hess and I get my new companion! Yep I get a new companion, and can you guess who it is? Elder Eaton. Yep the one that Grandma and Grandpa are always emailing me about. I think he is in their ward if I remember correctly. (actually, he is the son of President Eaton, who Cameron's grandpa served with as a counselor in the Federal Way Washington Mission. And a long time family friend.  What a small world!) Anyways we are white washing our new area, we are in the Mesa East stake.  He is district leader so that will be pretty cool! I will learn a lot I'm sure. I'm a little bummed because I just barely got to know the people in my wards and was finally adjusting, and now I don't even know if we are going to have thanksgiving dinner:/ and guess what? They gave us a car! And then took it away because someone else needed it more. Got my hopes up for nothing, guess I'll stick with my bike haha. I'm most bummed about moving apartments. Elders Parra and Gull are my best friends here on my mish and now I won't see them anymore😭 that's gonna be hard. And then I won't see Elder Thompson anymore either, we're tight. Been with each other since day 1. But I am really excited to meet new people and do new things. We are super close to the temple and backyard taco so I'm happy about that too! I am practically packed and ready to go and am confident that the Lord has work for me there. It's the start of a new adventure! 

Other than transfers nothing really too crazy happened this week. All I remember is that it was over just like that! haha.  On Tuesday night we helped our investigator Tyler move in his new bed and clean his room up. It was awesome, then I shared a short message about blessings. And yeah I really did feel the prayers and fasting from the ward! (the youth in our ward had a 24 hour fast this past week for the missionaries serving from our ward)  I've been working on having more charity towards others and I think that really helped out! 

One thing that I've really begun to find on my mission is my own testimony. I thought I knew it before my mission but it has grown so much more. Finding it has been amazing, really diving into the BOM and learning more about Joseph Smith. My testimony of Joseph Smith is definitely the strongest it's ever been. It just speaks to me when I teach the first vision, I couldn't deny it even if I wanted to. The words would not come out of my mouth. I love how much love I feel from sharing my testimony. My knowledge and teaching ability is not very strong, but my testimony is unbreakable. That's what I love about this gospel. There are always ways to improve and grow as a child of God. 

We found out transfer news on Saturday night so on Sunday we had to say goodbye to everyone. It was one of the hardest things I've had to do. We had 14 progressing investigators and 4 with dates to be baptized. I'm sad that I don't get to see them take place but I'm super excited for them. There are so many good families here and I will miss them. I've heard that a lot of elders go back to their first area near the end of their missions. That would be the coolest experience. But I am really excited to see what's next, I've only heard good things about the Mesa 30th and Mesa 60th wards! 

Well I hope you have the best thanksgiving mom! Save some orange rolls for me!! I love you sooooo much and can't wait to talk to you in a month! LOVE YA!!
Love, Elder Findlay
Our last supper

Gonna miss this kid

Last comp picture with Elder G

How my mornings go...

Gonna miss these peeps so much :)

Long Day!

Happy Cactus :)