Monday, November 14, 2016

That missionary life: Week # 14


How's everything going?  How was your week? Anything crazy or abnormal happen?😂 I think the craziest thing that happened this week was the elections. I may be on a mission but of course I still heard all about it. Its so crazy, I can't believe trump won. Its a bummer that I didn't vote haha but I'm fine with how everything turned out, the lord is in control and I have full trust in Him:) I heard that Cali wants to secede?? Haha and a bunch of protests and riots are going on? I just love being on a mission during all of this chaos, because everything is sweet and sound in Mesa! 

Wednesday Carlos took us to backyard taco because we helped him move furniture and stuff into his house. Elder Parra and Gull also came with us and we had a blast😂 We finally had another lesson with one of our investigators named Angie. We did have her on date for baptism but she was too busy and we couldn't get any lessons set up. We've taught her the first three lessons and she took them really well, her hang up is that she needs to know EVERYTHING before she goes any further. And its hard to even get close to that when she hasn't been reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it. I know that once she does that she will truly feel like she knows by the Holy Ghost. I want to see her baptized super bad!!

Thursday was by far the best day of the week! Temple day!! I could hardly sleep the night before I was so excited! Man I wish I would've gone to the temple everyday before my mission, it's that good! Don't ever take the temple for granted that's for sure! It is the closest we can be to our Heavenly Father and Savior.  I wish I would have realized that before! Anyways it was super spiritual, and then afterwards we went to wings express which was suuupppeerrrr good. It's a tradition for us, haha. Thursday was just crazy, we were riding our bikes along Adobe(the road we spend most of our time on) and one of our investigators was crossing the street so I slowed down to talk to him. Elder G was riding right behind me and wasn't paying attention. So he didn't see me slow down until the last minute, and he slammed on the break. Guess which one he used? Yep the front break😂 he flew over the handle bars and fell sooo hard! I turned around just in time and saw the whole thing happen! Its funny because our investigator saw the whole thing too, his name is Tyler and he is 10 so we couldn't help but laugh haha!! He was alright though, just scrapes and bruises. But he acts like he got shot a billion times. Poor guy. Then we had dinner with Brother Green and we went to five guys. I've missed that place! It was so good! We are spoiled missionaries😂

Friday was really long because we basically did weekly planning until dinner. Sooooooo long, but good. That took us to dinner with Bro. Brinkerhoff. We had elk steaks, it was super good. It was like juicy jerky! We were scheduled to have a lesson with 3 of our investigators that night at the Brinkerhoffs. Their son joey had a soccer game so we also went to that with our investigators. Their a family of of 3, Saundra is the mom, Mckaylee is her daughter and then Tyler her son is the youngest. He is the one who watched elder G crash😂 anyways we sat around a fire pit, roasted s'mores, and had an awesome lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have learned so much about teaching with the spirit and I know that when the spirit is present in our lessons, hearts are changed.  It is not always easy for me to rely on the spirit to teach, but I am working on it!

We have a convert to the church named Sister H. and her one year mark is next week! She is going to the temple and she really wants us to come! I'm super pumped because she is going through the Gilbert temple and I got permission from President to go to that! I've never been to the Gilbert temple or Gilbert so I am really looking forward to it! So many good things are happening here, blessings on blessings on blessings. 

Thanks a bunch for sending the shoes and stuff. It will be awesome! Idk what I would do without you:) I love you! So yeah transfers are not this week but the next. Elder G will probably be transferred out of my area. Me and Elder Thompson and Elder Bland will more than likely stay because we have only been here for 2 transfers. If I am lucky I will be in a car again, but I won't complain if I don't😂. Things are going good and the work is moving right along. The weather is great and traffic is terrible. All of the snowbirds are back and you can definitely tell the difference! Don't worry though, I am careful on my bike. I wear a helmet all of the time and keep my hands on the handle bars about 10 percent of the time;) I love you! I really pray for you everyday in every prayer. I hope you have an amazing week!! 
Elder Findlay

couple more pics from our amazing Flat Iron hike last week 

Temple Day!

Two favorite things together: mustang & mission :)

My Boi Elder Bland turned 19 today

This is us, currently going shopping. Gotta love the missionary life!