Monday, October 17, 2016

M3SA Week 10

Hey Family!
I cant believe that Kaitlyn already has her wedding dress? That is sooo crazy! And I feel the same way about Kaitlyn getting married, not used to it yet but I'm pumped. I've kind of accepted the fact that when I get back everything will be different. It still sounds like things are going good though and that makes me happy!  Also I got your package and I love it!! Made my day! Also thanks a ton for the clothes, I needed them! I really needed my ankle brace because I've hurt it a couple more times since the MTC, and my ankle is just really weak right now. But now I can play some p-day bball later today. 

This last week was super crazy with transfers going on. We are officially true missionaries because we are on bikes haha! It is definitely a change because we have to plan a lot more carefully, mostly for travel time and everything. Our area is just so small that the most we have biked in one day is probably only 8 miles. Not too much at all. Sometimes we feel like celebrities because everyone driving by us honks at us or waves or whatever. Its pretty awesome. But when the missionaries with cars drive by, they just stick their head out the window and laugh because we are on bikes haha!  My bike makes it easy to ride though.  It's a road bike and if you know me, you know I loovvee mtn bikes so this was definitely a change for me. But it's awesome because it is an 8 speed and you can't see the gears because they are inside the hub of the wheel. It is soooo nice, plus since the wheels are thinner Grabenstein can't beat me in a race.  And I'm practically a pro at riding with no hands too... haha

We did get to switch rooms so now we have AC in our room thank goodness. It's super nice. Elders Harris and Karren are now living at the Polo Club. Elder Parra and Elder Gull are our new roommates and they are spanish elders. They are tons of fun! Elder Parra is from Santiago, Chile and he is sooo funny, he has been out for 4 months. He is actually training Elder Gull. Elder Gull got here on Tuesday and he is super funny too. He is from Boise and looks like a younger Matt Mckinney! We have a ton more fun at the apartment which makes time fly by. 

The work has been really slow because we lost our YSA ward in the transfer and that opened up a lot of time. I really really super duper miss our YSA ward and members. But it is a good thing because we are able to focus more on our other wards. We actually have been teaching this kid named Alex and he is a senior. All of his friends are mormon and so he wants to learn more. We have taught him twice now and he is receiving the lessons really well. I had a cool experience with him while I was teaching. I was sharing the first vision and he said that when I was sharing it his heart was racing and he didn't know why. He felt the spirit so strongly. It was really awesome how he took the lessons. We taught him the plan of salvation last night and that was awesome, a ton of information but he took it well. I love teaching him because it is at a members house and she is his friend and so they have like their whole friend group over so its a party. We have been trying to teach our other investigators and they have just not been able to set up lessons because they are making excuses or just ignoring us. Sometimes people just aren't ready for the gospel and you have to learn to accept that. But we never give up!

Well don't worry about me in Mesa,  I'm very well taken care of. I hope everyone at home is doing good and has the best week. Love to hear from you. It is the highlight of my week. I love you soooooooo much and all that you have done and do for me:) 

Elder Findlay

My new wheels!

So the grass is starting to grow here now.  Weird!

Elder Gull and Elder Parra tryin to fit in

Ya, we only need one bike :)

Backyard Taco NEVER disappoints!