Monday, October 10, 2016

2 Months!

Hello Everyone!
I hope your week has been great! So I actually had my whole email written that I was going to send to you but somehow I accidentally pressed a button and it deleted it so I have to start over:/ And it was a good one!! Its okay I'll try to make this good!!! This week was crazy crazy fast so bare with me!:)

Since this week is transfers we were all able to go as a zone to the temple on Wednesday! We were able to do a session and it was so cool! The celestial room and entire temple is so unique. The celestial room doesn't have a massive gorgeous chandelier but just two smaller ones which was a really cool feature I thought. It was really beautiful. I am so glad we have a temple in our mission.  Wednesday was just a really busy day because after the temple we had a zone training meeting. But of course we went and got lunch as a zone before (well the fun people did;) ) We went to this one place that made some bomb honey BBQ wings. I'm pretty sure that I was the only one who didn't get barbecue sauce on their clothes haha! After our delicious lunch we went to ZTM and talked about our goals and things we wanted to do for the month of October which is flying by already!

So I don't remember if I told you about Brain Food so I'm going to talk about it a little:) Brain Food is a food bank that we do service at every Thursday morning. We pack granola bars, apple sauce, cereal, PB&J, etc. into bags and then these sort of 'lunches' go to schools all around Mesa for kids who don't have lunches.  It's run by a group of wealthy moms in Mesa. We call them "Mesa Moms" and they are really awesome and we love doing service with them! Its really funny because they all show up in their Cadillacs, Porches, Mercedes, you name it ha!! Plus they always play Coldplay while we are working, haha, so I love it! Thursday night we had dinner with the Percy's and helped assemble brother Percy's electric bike!! It's now on my bucket list!!

Friday was probably my favorite day out here in the mission. Every week we have a zone lunch on Friday which we always look forward to. We went with Orse, Thompson, Peoples and Parsons.  They are great elders!  After our lunch we had to take our car to the Chevy dealership so it could get serviced. We did that and so we haven't had a car the last few days. We did get to walk to some places but I actually really enjoyed it because then we have time to talk more about our investigators and how our lessons go. I am looking for a bike to purchase soon because we won't have a car anymore after Tuesday. 

 I also don't remember if I told you about Gladys Knight and the Saints Unified Voices choir coming to Mesa for a fireside/testimony meeting. It was a really good missionary opportunity because we were able to bring investigators to it so that they could hear and love Gladys Knights music and testimony.  It was definitely one of the coolest experiences that I have had!!

Sunday was pretty fun and it was actually my favorite Sunday out here haha! We hung out with Logan Skinner and he actually got back from his mission the day I got to the mission. He served in Brazil and he is the coolest kid. He comes to a lot of lessons with us and helps us out a lot. Sadly he is moving to California soon so that's okay I guess. But overall this week has been pretty good. As you have heard it is transfers this week. I am still with Elder G of course but we are loosing our YSA and car, so we will be biking. Not sure how I feel about that but its okay. Elders Karren and Harris are still in our district but they are moving apartments so we are taking their room! We hate our room because the AC in their doesn't work and their room does, plus it is a hundred times nicer than ours! Super excited about that! 

I know that the Lord needs us to focus on both of our family wards! We are looking forward to great things in our missionary efforts.  I love you all sooooo much!! I love hearing about the crazy things going on at home! I hope your week is awesome!! Be happy and serve others!

Love Elder Findlay
Weekly sunset pic

My long lost brother

Most of our zone at the temple

super cool electric bike we helped a member with