Wednesday, August 24, 2016

MTC week #2

I miss you all a lot and I still love it here! I did get the Dear Elder letter and that really made my day! idk how it works but its pretty cool, lots of people get them everyday. Its funny because we go and check the mail everyday during lunch and dinner and everyone looks forward to that! I also got the package! Thanks so much! I was running low on food/candy so when I got it I was soooo happy! 

Yeah, I didn't want you guys to worry about me but I guess the word got out about my ankle haha! So I was playing ball on the 3rd day that I was here and I just went up for a rebound and came down on someones foot. I felt something pop and a really uncomfortable feeling in my ankle. And as I was walking over to the the physical trainers office it started swelling up really bad, it was nasty! I have pictures of it but idk if you want to see them, maybe I will send them just in case you do;)  I was really lucky because I didn't tear any ligaments or anything like that. When I landed on his foot I dislocated my ankle but it popped back into place. Its weird now because my ankle joints are really loose but I can walk on it and stuff. The doctor said that I should have broken it but luckily I didn't, and I know that the Lord was looking out for me. I was cleared to play ball again a couple of days ago, after I had been doing super boring stretches and stuff.  I have an ankle brace for it and so I am ready for more ball haha! I will be careful mom:) its still pretty sore but not too bad! 

And I think its crazy that me and Elder Bland have connections!! He's a funny guy and we get along super well! There are a lot of cool, fun people here.

Sunday was just amazing, the whole Nashville Tribute Band came for the devotional and we got to sing with them. Yeah WE got to sing with THEM!!! It was so cool! Oh and I am doing the MTC choir which I absolutely love because I feel the spirit so much! Pretty much everyone is in the choir, if you are surprised that I'm participating! There are 1700 of us!! I have loved singing with so many missionaries.  The spirit is so strong and it makes me feel so excited to be a missionary and share the gospel with the people in Mesa. 

Everyone says that the third week in the MTC is when you get the most homesick. I mean sometimes I feel it but for some reason this place feels like home. I am happy :) 

I got my flight plans and stuff today.  I leave the MTC at 3:50 am Tuesday morning and my flight leaves at 8:30 or something. As far as I know we are allowed to call home so hopefully I will talk to you that morning! :)

Yep I love it here still! Teaching is hard but it's coming along slowly. We are learning to teach the people, not just memorize lessons.  Sometimes I get so worried about sticking to the lessons but when I prepare and pray about what I need to teach, if I have to change the subject, the spirit fills my mouth just like it said in my patriarchal blessing.  I was struggling a little with confidence in my teaching but you reminded me to read my blessing and when I read that I would teach with confidence and that if I open my mouth the Lord will fill it, I was feeling a lot better. It was an answer to my prayers so thanks for that!:) We got a new investigator this week name Ny. She is from Madagascar and idk why but me and Elder Bland are the only companionship that gets investigators that can hardly speak English!! ahhhhh!! It's stressful but we do our best. I'm pretty sure she has only said like four words because she is the quietest person I've met! 

Also just in case you were wondering I'm practically a pro at laundry!! haha not really but I can do it! Time here flies and its super crazy, I feel like I have been here for months but it really has only been 2 weeks! It's super weird. I absolutely can't wait to get to Mesa next week! I mean I love it here but I'm ready to get on my way! Half of my friends here left yesterday to their missions so that was pretty cool! They were such studs and I will miss them, but we have each other's emails so that's sweet! 

Funny thing, there is a really bad cold going around just in our building! like everyone has it. I'm just getting over it which is good but like everyone has it... 

I miss you all a lot and think about you all the time. I hope you guys are doing awesome! Give everyone hugs and kisses for me! Love you!
Elder Findlay
Squad pic

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only normal person...haha!

Elder Beeston...he left this morning

Lots of people have their mission shirts so I ordered one!
Yeah it's sick, I know! ;)