Friday, August 12, 2016

He's off to the MTC!  Here are a few pictures of the day and his quick email 10 minutes after we said our goodbyes....

Long time no see! We have five minutes to email our families and tell them that we are here. I am doing good. My escort was Elder Wilde and he was pretty cool, he took me to my room and stuff. My companion is Elder Bland, i havent met him yet but he seems like a cool guy. I met two other Elders in my district, i cant remember their names but they are hilarious guys! i really like them and we are already getting along really well. I also received my tags, i got a magnet one and then also one that slides into my suit pocket. I already miss you guys but im doing great. Don't worry about me I'm already liking this. Tell everyone I love them and i'm having fun!! well time is about up to i have to go, love you!!!!

Elder Findlay

Cameron loves O-town and will miss it!

Well it looks like Cameron is going to still
 be taller than his dad in a couple years.

ALWAYS messing around..always. 

We'll see who's taller in two years!
See you in two Elder Findlay!