Monday, September 26, 2016

Tacos! Week 7

Holy cow!

I leave Utah for 1 month and everything changes at home! New bishopric, tornadoes, people moving... That's crazy that all of these things are happening so quickly!  I hope with all of the changes you guys are doing good:) 

Where do I even start....this week we did so many things it's really just a blur😂 but we had so much good happen this week!! The weather here is cooling down a little bit, ha but not too much. Its normally around 95 degrees which to me feels cool. I guess I've acclimated to the weather because in the mornings 80 degrees feels chilly haha! It did get down to like 75 the other night and it was so nice!! 

So I went on exchanges with Elder Harris on Wednesday and that was interesting. It was my area so I was in charge that day which was difficult! We had 5 awesome lessons planned out and 4 of them cancelled:/  Its hard because in my area there are not really any good places to go finding so we had a hard time filling in our time for those missed lessons. When I got home I just fell onto my bed and went to sleep because I was so exhausted! Missionary work is tiring. And its the worst when appointments fall through and you don't have a ton of things planned because then the day just drags along and it is LONG!!!! But we had fun anyways! 

This week was an awesome week with all of our investigators! We finally got John to commit to baptism!!! He has already been baptized 2 other times in other churches and so he didn't understand why he needed to be baptized again. Brother Jarvis is our ward mission leader for Salt River ward and he is honestly the perfect mission leader! When I get back from my mission I want you guys to meet him! Anyways we took Brother Jarvis and had him explain why our baptism is the correct way. It took John a whole lesson to understand but then it just clicked with him so he will be baptized in October! A. is our other awesome investigator.  I taught her on my first day in Mesa and that was her first lesson. So I've been teaching her from the beginning which means a lot to me! She's progressed really slowly but I extended the invitation for baptism. I think she was surprised a little haha! She thought on it for quite a while, and she knows that this is the right path for her. She said that she needs to know for sure before she does get baptized! Of course we told her we would help her and that she will know so we set her date for November 5th! It's super exciting to see these people change in such a short period of time.

Backyard Taco is an essential in our lives here in Mesa haha! We go there quite a bit! These two recent converts Art and Andrea took us there and they over fed us so much! Art is Hispanic and he loves to cook Mexican food. He boasts about how good it is all of the time and it is! People here are the best, they always let us in their homes and give us water and food or whatever we need! One thing you don't need to worry about is food, because I've never eaten so much in my life! But of course my high metabolism kicks in, so yeah I still look the same ha, except I did get a haircut on Monday. Its alright! ;)

 Oh and I also got your package!! It made my whole week, I love getting stuff from you guys! And the music is sooooooo awesome! A family in the ward actually helped us transfer the music to our iPads so we have it here which is super nice. I'm still adjusting even 4 weeks into the mission! I don't know if this is a good thing or not but the mission is hard, just not as hard as I thought it would be, idk maybe it will get harder but right now its great! 

I can't believe that Dad shaved his go-tee! I totally forgot what he looks like without it! I still can't fully wrap my head around dad being in the bishopric again! That's so cool! And I absolutely love getting your short emails during the week!! They are honestly the best things!! Kaitlyn sent me a pic of her and Brett and that made me so happy!! Please keep sending them:)

I miss you guys a lot. I think about you all of the time! I am always keeping you in my prayers! I am doing well here, things are going really good! I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission.  Tell jack I love him and miss his crazy energy more than anything haha! I love you Mom and love getting your sweet emails!!! Tell everyone back in PV that I say hi!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!:)

Love, Elder Findlay

look! 77 degrees! It was so nice

We spend a bunch of time preparing and studying at our desk


I'll just keep sending these awesome sky pictures.
 Arizona is cool